Dad Humming Country Song At TSA Checkpoint Finds The Superstar Next To Him – Joining In

When I’ve traveled through LAX I’ve often found myself in line at TSA with stars like Billy Crystal. It’s their natural habitat. So it shouldn’t be surprising that going through security at the Nashville airport there’s a non-zero chance you’ll be in line beside a country superstar.

One dad was “attempting to get his bags through” the x-ray machine in Nashville while singing Morgan Wallen’s “Chasing You” while re-arranging his electronics and liquids.

The man next to him started singing it, too: Morgan Wallen.

When I went through TSA with Billy Crystal, I wasn’t doing a Miracle Max impersonation. That might have been embarrassing. He wound up standing in line behind me to get into the Admirals Club, and I overheard him asking the person he was traveling with wasn’t there a way to expedite this? I didn’t turn around and explain Five Star.

On the other hand if I were singing a hit song in front of the person who sang it, I’d hope I was at least doing it justice.

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  1. I’ve often bumped into celebrities coming or going from restaurants, etc. Once I saw Michael Eisner and Billy Crystal both leaving Milos in New York several years ago while I waited for my table. Actually approached Eisner and had a very brief but cordial conversation with him about the work he had done at Disney and the shareholder value he created . Crystal, on the other hand, gave off such an angry “don’t go near me“ vibe that I didn’t go near him. It’s hard to describe, but he the one celebrity who gave off such a negative aura that I just stayed away.

  2. I have seen Billy Crystal several times at Hollywood events and each time I politely asked if I could take his photo (not a selfie of me with him, just wanted a pic OF him) and he always said no and rather rudely. Well I found out his address and wrote him a letter about my experiences with him, saying “I understand if you say no and that’s o.k. because that’s why I ask permission in the first place, but why not be polite about it and maybe say ‘No but thanks for asking’). Well, I ran into him AGAIN several months later, again asked politely if I could take his picture …..and he said “No but thanks for asking.” TRUE story. I nearly fell over. There’s no way he could have known I was the person who wrote a letter but it obviously got through to him.

  3. Is there a reason that whenever you write about a big time rapper (Chance the Rapper, A$AP Rocky) there seems to be a line about how you had to look up who they were or how not everyone in your audience may be aware of them, but Waller Morgan or whoever this guy is doesn’t get the same caveat?

  4. @sco One glance at Gary Leff’s picture seems to answer that question… He is simply the kind of cool that teenage children everywhere are terrified their parents might exhibit around their friends.

  5. I am not from NY but when there i have seen many celebs especially in the upper west side near the Park or Amsterdam

  6. That’s pretty cool,he’s got great music, and since none of us know him personally who’s to know if he’s racist..Christian sure doesn’t.

  7. Stop it with labeling everything “racist”. It is those who constantly throw that word out, that really are the judgemental ones. Further, there is a strong likelihood that you’ve tossed around some unsavory words in your lifetime.

  8. I was leaving the beach in St. Barts and run into David Letterman about 100 yds. Past I yelled out hay David Letterman, Love your show! Didn’t even ask for a photo, it was so Cool!

  9. Christian, I’m sure no one would be asking to take one with you……the who is with out sin(mistakes) cast the first stone.

  10. VERY COOL!!! Morgan Wallen is one of my favorites! It had to make him super happy to hear someone humming/singing a song of his own!

  11. Pipe down Christian. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all. Didn’t your mama teach you manners?

  12. I have yet to meet anyone famous at the airport… about luck!! Love me some Morgan Wallen

  13. Funny all of the Morgan Wallen haters on here. The ironic part is he was probably going to be very successful because of his abundant talent and the overall popularity of Country music. But the Larson effect was a spotlight on them led to their stardom directly and indirectly being magnified. Wallen is now so wildly popular that it is obvious his cancelling by the woke mob made him twice as famous.

  14. Can we all get over this and I don’t believe if I like Morgan Wallen’s music I am a racist just because he made, and apologized several years ago ( and paid for it) a racist comment! Our country is so divided now it’s appalling!

  15. Back in the 80’s, I almost always carried my 30mm SLR with me. The one time that I didn’t have it, my wife and I met William Devan in Garland Texas, where he was filming. During a break, we met him out back of the location. We introduced ourselves and told him we would love to take a photograph of him, but my camera was back home, 15 minutes away. He said, “go get it”. We did. We came back and they were still on break. He saw us and HE approached US!! We took 2 or 3 pictures. One was with him with his arm around my wife. Probably one of the nicest people I have ever met.

  16. Love me some Morgan Wallen! He’s my favorite and I put his Playlist on repeat! He’s not racist. CRT is ruining our society and culture.

  17. In the 1990’s, I was staying in the Ramada Inn, Beckley, WV. While checking in, Tom Jones, the singer, was checking in also. I acknowledged him & we had a great 10 minute conversation. He was so friendly, was there to perform the next night.

  18. I lived in California during the 80’s,and a friend and I were riding around near LAX,when I saw Dick Van Dyke coming out of a parking area,We ran up to him and I snapped his pic and we got his autograph! We were so excited and he had a big smile on his face! I have that pic and autograph in a frame.

  19. Morgan Wallen is down to earth. As far as being racist that is between him and him. If I had $1 every time racial remarks were in a song over the years I could retire. Too many people trying to label others as racist. Just stop and enjoy his music. That’s why he does what he does. He sings do that others no matter who they are can continue to enjoy country music.

  20. These are very talented country music guy. I don’t think there’s any negative criticism that should warrant anything. I Don’t see music rappers apologizing for killing cops, and white people And talking about raping women and selling drugs illegally. I think this guy’s got a lot in his tank for country music and I hope he brings it out! I need exciting people in my country music that really can relate to the country. So many country performers are just models. I love to see the real mccoy like Morgan. I hope he continues to be a good huckleberry for country music. I believe you know Nay sayers can keep on listening to the models.

  21. I think Morgan is a breath of fresh air in country music. I can’t stand all these new models trying to Promote same sexuality of our young people. I know I don’t see many rainbow flags in the country! I also know most of these models don’t even know what a tractor is or a chicken house. I mean just because they look good and and do a song singing in their underwear. I don’t think that’s what I call true country. I like Morgan he’s down-to-earth and you can tell he’s had some mud on his boots. Keep on singing those great country songs!

  22. What an exciting story! If that alone doesn’t show how humble and kind this young star is, nothing will. Haters gonna hate.

  23. @ TL 177 @Penelope Spencer @ Weezie @ Cojo @ Terry Garvin @ Deborah Myers
    @ Diane Reynolds @ James B Cowart @ David Calhoun @ Lyn

    If it walks like a duck and gets caught on camera yelling racial slurs like a duck, it might be a racial duck. Thanksto each of you for showing yourselves for who you truly are. Thanks @ Christian for calling a spade a spade. And thanks for @ Sco for calling out the author for his bull.

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