Dallas Airport Went Into Lockdown While Police Searched For Passenger Sitting In Food Court

A man walked airside through an exit at Dallas Love Field causing the airport to go under lockdown on Sunday night. Eventually he was arrested, while passengers waited throughout the airport.

Dallas Police confirmed that an alarm sounded at one of the exit lanes at the Dallas Love Field Airport at 9:05 p.m. on Sunday, July 25.

Jeremy Hall, 31, was later seen walking from the unsecure area in the opposite direction as the exiting passengers.

Airports are heavily monitored places. There are cameras everywhere. And most big ones have law enforcement from multiple agencies on site. So in theory it should be very easy to catch someone, unless law enforcement is completely asleep at the wheel and the person takes off into the sky unnoticed.

This man was found simply… in the food court.

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  1. And the few not wearing a mask while on airport property.
    Including a cop walking down the stairs. But nothing is done.. as usual.

  2. Look, I didn’t have a flight booked but I was near the airport and had a craving for some Dickey’s bbq, does that make me a bad person?

  3. Yes, it does, Joe. Not for the airport security thing but Dickey’s BBQ? You are a monster! I just can’t even!

  4. Only in America do you have businesses named Dickey’s in actual sincerity. Why not call it Penisey’s?

  5. @J.P.
    Dickey’s name goes back a long ways. I’m sure you are aware of the Dickey’s name on blue jeans.

  6. Well ya gotta admit its probably the most exciting thing those airport police have done in a long time. Or was it TSA, or was it CBP. or maybe federal marshals? FBI? Local police?

    Surely we need more law enforcement to protect us as the ones mentioned above aren’t getting the job done!

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