Delta Air Lines Agents Sold Tickets, Kept The Money [Roundup]

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  1. So right-wing “Washington Examiner” — not the Post nor even the Times — mentions the venerable Señor Leff, and it gets some attention back?

    The scams mentioned in the Washington Examiner have been around for decades.

  2. Please stop stirring the pot on employees and the Skyclubs. The rest of us that weren’t trying to skirt the rules have had to listen to the whining way too long.

  3. “I traveled alone. I went to Nice, France; Lugano, Switzerland; London; Malta; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.” – this sounds like heaven to me, but I guess the young lady from NYU doesn’t share my values.

  4. CUWonder, I think Gary’s citation of the article is fair. Even if the news outlet was liberal and in Spokane, the topic did involve travel. Even though such “bad” hacks have been around for years, someone other than *you* might be unaware of them and the article is news to them. And, allow Gary to share the fact that he was quoted . . . it’s fun . . . this is not some quid pro quo scheme.

  5. Dude come on, the caterer is supposed to know what’s vegan and what isn’t. How would you feel if they provided a dairy dessert with a kosher meal with meat in it? You shouldn’t have to “just ignore it.”

  6. Homesickness. I studied abroad and have known lots of people who studied abroad or hosted such students. There is a certain percentage who just never adjust. I don’t get the headline. This one person’s experience is not the norm

  7. “So don’t eat the yogurt, don’t be offended by its existence”

    I thought the whole point of being vegan was to be offended.

  8. US culture has already fallen apart and idolizes liars and cheaters. They even elected a twice divorced six time bankrupt serial liar as President and the most watched TV “news” channel is one whose presenters admitted to lying and spreading misinformation.

    And you are surprised by this TikTok? Sheesh.

  9. As for the Delta agent pocketing ticket revenues, a similar situation happened at JetBlue several years ago. The ill gotten tickets were only discovered due to one of the recipients complaining about the ticket to a gate agent. Suddenly, all the dominos starting falling.
    The sad part is most systems do not have a tracking system or exception report given to managers to review. Even if such a report is issued, most managers are so focused on their quarterly bonus or the strike point of their stock options, they fail to see the details below.

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