Delta Dives Back in Against the NRA, Charters Planes to Send Kids to Protest Guns

Delta jumped on the anti-NRA bandwagon.

Then they tried to walk it back once they realized they were getting pushback from Georgia legislators. They claimed they were really being non-political by severing ties with the NRA and then said they were considering stopping doing business with all divisive groups. But that would have had consequences they didn’t like.

Now the Delta pendulum is swinging again because they donated charter flights to bring students to a gun protest in DC.

Delta Air Lines has donated three round-trip charter flights that allowed hundreds of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students to participate in the “March for Our Lives” protest against gun violence in Washington.

Delta said the donation is “part of our commitment to supporting the communities we serve.”

So much for their ‘neutral status’ in the gun debate. I don’t think they need to stay neutral, I just don’t think they can have it both ways.

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  1. This is so awesome. 800,000 rally in DC and DL is out in front, supporting the kids who are doing the job the adults should have done a long time ago.

  2. I hope the Federal Election Commission investigates Delta. This is political speech, which because of the Left’s advocacy over the years requires one to report money, including in-kind contributions. Delta and the organizers of the protest should be filed if they fail to file the necessary campaign finance disclosures to indicate just who and what entities funded yesterday’s supposedly student-organized effort.

  3. @FNT – There is no election. There are no candidates. These are people exercising their 1st amendment rights. You are so off base here.

  4. @FNT. WRONG!!! Since you’re so quick to foam at the mouth like a rabid dog at a bunch of heroic children having the courage of their convictions, tell us, pray tell, which FEC regulations were violated. I’ll save you some time: NONE. If anything, Delta may actually be able to take a charitable donation against their tax liability, as they likely funneled the donation through many of the 501(c) organizations/entities that are supporting these kids and their efforts. I don’t care which side of the gun debate you are on, but you have to admire a group of young people doing something that the previous generation has failed to do.

  5. @Chris Jensen

    FNT is a typical right-leaning snowflake… They don’t want any government regulation ever – oh wait, except when it benefits their own causes. The same government that they are normally so scared of (“I need mah guns to protect me from GUB’MINT TYRANNY”) is suddenly fine and dandy when they the rights of OTHER people are being taken away.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… The way to get these right-wing 2nd amendment trolls to switch their stance would be for every American of color and non-Christian to start open-carrying (where it’s legal). You wouldn’t BELIEVE how quickly these fools would change their stance when there are millions of African Americans and Muslims walking around the South open-carrying.

  6. @FNT, I doubt you are so vehemently opposed when a church gets involved in political speech. Your angst is likely fueled by the fear that these kids have started something that may actually bring results.

  7. I need to check on the gun-control position of Procter & Gamble.

    I’m not buying any more Charmin unless I confirm P&G will make a donation of toilet paper to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

  8. As of 2016, George Soros owned $100M of Delta stock.

    “Yes Mr. Soros, we’ll be happy to send planes to pick up anybody you want in order to transport them to the anti-gun rally.”

  9. @Kevin

    Oh Kevin… Soros is the boogeyman that you snowflakes are always so worried about. Rich people have lots of money in stocks, including airline stocks – news flash at 8. Do you think Koch industries has any Delta stock? Would it surprise you to know just THREE DAYS AGO they invested over $750k in Delta stock?

    GTFOH with your conspiracies.

  10. This is stupid on Delta’s part. Airlines, and all corporations, should stay out of politics unless the issue relates directly to their business. In particular, they should stay away from controversial issues. BTW, I personally have no strong feelings about gun control, other than a belief that the “student protests” are primarily organized by professional activists and that their agenda is extremely unlikely to gain majority support in Congress. To me, this would be exactly like Delta “taking sides” in the abortion debate, another issue where I have no strong opinion.

  11. Does Delta need to report carrying livestock? I mean surely they cant resume transporting passengers after transporting all these sheep?

  12. All the leftist haters have so far totally missed the point. Gary was not taking a stand for or against what Delta is DOING; he’s objecting to Delta CLAIMING to be neutral.

    I don’t know how he could have made that more clear to anyone willing to think before reacting.

  13. I don’t particularly care what stance Delta or any company takes on the gun debate so long as it means increased value. As long as these students/activists spend a ton of money on Delta flights during the next financial year and boost the share price I will be happy.

  14. Yeah, Delta claiming to be neutral was a farse from the beginning. Very frustrating with these corporations taking major political stances…..but claiming they are neutral. I agree Gary, they shouldn’t be able to have it both ways.

  15. Gary, you are not helping. Yesterday’s Marches all across the country, including small towns like my hometown in the snow, people marched against gun VIOLENCE NOT GUNS – least not all guns, but certainly against civilian ownership of military grade weapons

  16. 3 flights of students = 200-300 students? No big deal. Delta is probably catering to the CNN customer base. Or perhaps they are hoping to draw attention to the failure of FBI and Local Law Enforcement’s ability to effectively follow up on numerous red flags that would have prevented this tragedy.
    Let us not forget the takeover and massacre in the mall in the Kenyan mall where the unarmed shoppers were ruthlessly tortured and murdered at the hands of armed terrorists. Link to NY Times article:

    Nor should we ignore the recent attack in NYC by the person in the rental truck, nor the similar attack in Nice France.
    Perhaps more amazing is the lack of discussion for simply giving tasers to teachers to subdue active attackers. Yes, I know, training, and so on, is needed, and undoubtedly they will use it on students inappropriately, but the discussion is only: guns or no guns for teachers, instead of “How about tasers for teachers?”
    No, we fall for the solution provided by the press because that is what generates clicks and captivates readers.
    As for Fire Alarms used to funnel people out of the building into a trap, I have told my kids, long ago, don’t fall for that trick. Todays bldgs. have sprinklers and don’t readily burn down. If the fire alarm goes off, walk don’t run, and be leery of a trap, whether it is a hotel, mall, public arena, or school.

  17. I’m as pro-business as the next conservative, but even I think that when corporations make better social policy than our legislative branch, America’s stature on the world stage is in a period of decline.

  18. 500 pound Buford and the other redneck baboons and Trumpanzees are not going to be happy. They have nearly wrecked the government in revenge for modernity and nothing’s going to stop them now. These kids need to know their place as targets because schools are liberal enemies anyway. ‘

    This is why in Germany, UK, Spain, Australia and all other allies they now teach their kids in schools how ignorance can ruin a great country, like know-nothing rednecks did to the great United States.

    Tell us Buford, if you fit anywhere into the future when your Civil War re-enactments every week outside of most major Southern cities strangely all have the rebels winning? And why the 300-500 pound re-enactors are all carrying assault rifles?

  19. FNT Delta DIamond is right. Any entity or person who expends money above a threshold on speech that advocates for or against a candidate or an issue is required to register with the Federal Election Commission and file a disclosure report. It was widely reported that speakers at the formal events yesterday advocated for or against federal candidates/officeholders.

  20. Stop lying you disgusting redneck trash. Not one speech at the rally yesterday mentioned a candidate or party. You’re just worried because an entire generation is about to rise up and smash the farthest right-wing extremism on the planet.

  21. Condoleezza Rice said, “Let me tell you why I’m a defender of the second Amendment. I grew up in Alabama in the late ’50s, early ’60s. There was no way that Bull Connor and the Birmingham police were going to protect you. When knight riders would come through our neighborhood my father and friends would take their guns and fire in the air if anybody came through. I don’t think they actually hit anybody. But they protected the neighborhood.”

    If Greg’s “rednecks” are wandering around, I want my daughter to have a gun to protect herself. Further, if foaming at the crazy Neanderthals like Greg are wandering around near my family, she also needs a gun in case those lunatics decide to attack. Greg, your unbalanced rants are seriously scary. Talking about the zombie apocalypse, I wonder if there is any way to turn people like Greg back to human.

  22. The irony in all this is the political left and corporate left that supported yesterday’s march for lives is opposed or 100% silent on the March for Life, the pro-life march every year. The NRA has never killed a kid or, for that matter, anyone. Planned Parenthood has killed millions of kids.

  23. “Gary, you are not helping.”

    Bill n DC, please share what your expectations are for Gary on HIS OWN BLOG. “Helping”?

  24. @Other Just Saying: Greg?? Human???? Hahahahahaha!! Greg (real name, Jethro) is the forum dunce with a penchant for made up war stories and assorted heroics. His only claim to fame is having patented a way to buy booze with his food stamps. The only possibility of Jethro turning human would start with a Go Fund Me to have his extra chromosome surgically removed.

  25. Delta is free to do what they wan with their planes without announcing their neutrality or policy change beforehand. Good job, Delta.

  26. Weak. You’re turning orange from all the cases of Cheetos, Buford. Another waddling Trumpanzee triple cheeseburger. All decent people of the world unite against you!

    Delta isn’t going to charter planes to fly you and the other hicks to your Nazi rallies, no. That’s only “fair and balanced” to the stupidest people on the planet, the American redneck baboon.

  27. I think Gary’s point was similar and I agree with him.

    Of course they have no obligation to remain neutral. The point is that they DECLARED neutrality, and then acted in a definitely non-neutral manner. If they would have stayed silent on neutrality, it wouldn’t be an issue. But as Gary says, it appears they’re trying to have it both ways. “We’re neutral” *wink*.

    It’s not the action, it’s the neutrality claim.

  28. @Greg: Wear that extra chromosome proud, Jethro. The gene pool dodged a major bullet the day you were snipped.

  29. Sarah Price i agree with your comments!!
    ALSO Mr.Soros is the BAD guy and does not care about our country!!!

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