Delta Flight Attendants Crown One Lucky Passenger the ‘Biscoff Queen’

I originally became addicted to Biscoff cookies flying Westair (United Express) in the mid-1990s. I never actually purchased any Biscoff myself until it was a qualifying partner as part of the US Airways Grand Slam promotion. That’s how I discovered Biscoff spread.

In a 2007 cost-cutting move United reduced the size of Biscoff cookies they gave out. Maybe that’s how the cookies became more associated with Delta (and earning Delta miles buying them couldn’t have hurt, either).

Some passengers are far more passionate about Biscoff than I am. In fact one Delta passenger on a recent New York – Atlanta flight was crowned the ‘Biscoff Queen’ by flight attendants who created a crown for her made of Biscoff cookies and a Delta wing pin after she had declared her deep and abiding love of the cookies inflight.

Passenger Taryn Moske, blissfully unaware of the power of online shopping, says the cookies are the reason she flies Delta. She’d get a lot more cookies for her money if she bought the treats directly instead of bundled with air travel.

Of course then she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to wear her crown “for her entire flight.” And picking up where SkyMiles gave up years ago, the passenger declared her coronation ceremony “hands down the best thing that’s ever happened to me on an airplane that I will remember forever.”

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  1. % of time I choose Stroopwafels when I’m on a morning United flight: 100%

    % of time I buy Stroopwafels when I see them on the shelves at Cost Plus: 0%

    Sometimes a specific taste goes only with a specific place. Like wine, but for mass market airline snacks.

  2. If Grandpa succeeds in buying Greenland for the USA she could be their new Queen

    p.s. has everyone gone batty?

  3. Once on a Delta flight in F, I mentioned to FA that I love the cookies. He produced 3 sleeves and gave them to me!! He said,” here, enjoy, since you paid for them by booking F.” Somewhat shocked, I did take them home and my family did enjoy them. I thanked him profusely and was a memorable experience.

  4. @Pat

    I had a similar experience on delta with wine years ago. I was one of the few passengers in first (25-30 years ago) and mentioned I liked the wine they served. Right before landing the flight attendant handed me an unopened bottle of it and said “enjoy”. Would never happen today w micro management of passenger experience but I liked it and remember it fondly (and Delta) to this day.

  5. Years ago on Piedmont Airlines (obviously), I mentioned to the flight attendant that I really liked the smoked almonds. At the end of the flight she handed me a barf-bag stuffed with the almonds (luckily still in their little pouches). It had to be at least $50 worth in today’s prices.

  6. My kids love the ‘airplane cookies’ and fortunately they are pretty cheap at Costco.

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