Next Week Delta Starts Serving Cocktails In A Can

On Tuesday Delta Air Lines teased new on board snack and drink options. Goldfish crackers seem to be in the offing, and it looks like the beloved Biscoff cookies are back. Delta is is known for those, and even crowned a passenger ‘Biscoff Queen’.

What struck me though is the introduction of Tip Top cocktails. It was odd these were blurred on twitter because the airline shared the news earlier that these small canned cocktails would become available on domestic and short international flights starting April 14.

The two featured below are a canned margarita and a canned old fashioned, which is what Delta will offer initially. Other offerings include negroni, manhattan, daiquiri and bee’s knees which I’m not familiar with.

These will be available in first class and don’t appear as though they will permanently replace spirits, but will be additive. (Delta hasn’t been serving liquor up front domestically during the pandemic.)

Those looking for an adult beverage may be inclined to try a premium, pre-prepared and canned old-fashioned or margarita from Atlanta-based Tip Top Proper Cocktails. The Tip Top margarita, which will make its world debut on Delta flights, packs a punch with flavors of juicy salted lime, vegetal tequila notes and fresh orange rind; the classic old-fashioned delivers vanilla, sweet citrus, caramel and spice.

United Airlines sells the pre-mixed Knob Creek Old Fashioned by On The Rocks Cocktails ($12) but I think what’s striking here is the can.

The packaging feels low-end, and is reminiscent of when Spirit Airlines used to sell wine in a can.

Indeed the company supplying them calls themselves Tip Top and if you have to claim quality in your brand name I suspect you’re trying too hard.

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  1. “These will be available in first class and don’t appear as though they will replace spirits, but will be additive.”

    I don’t see any support for your position that these will not replace spirits. In fact, given that Delta has said nothing about spirits returning, it looks like these are clearly the alternative to offering spirits.

  2. Can’t stop ragging on Delta, huh? Like @P Ness states, you are proclaiming yourself… if the pot isn’t calling the kettle black?

  3. soooooo boring!!

    Why not Buzz Balls that Spirit offers….that’s more fun…!!


  4. A lot of the restaurants in my neighborhood started selling their craft cocktails in cans and they can be quite good. I’m actually all for this if it means I can get an old fashioned on a plane (which is actually a perfect make ahead batch cocktail).

    What I don’t like is those pre-mixed whiskey and cola drinks because they tend to be kind of weak and too sweet.

  5. I think Delta will garnish them with lime for the margaritas and orange slices for the old fashioned. Delta is very good at presentation and I think that goes a long way.

  6. I’ve had Tip Top canned cocktails before and they’re solidly in the “serviceable” territory. I wouldn’t go out of my way to drink them under other circumstances, but they’re very likely better than anything the FA is going to mix for you anyway (even if DL were serving other liquors).

    Also, FWIW Alaska is still providing canned wine in F (can’t say if this is a pandemic development because I’ve only ever flown AS during the pandemic). Their canned wine is terrible.

  7. The Old Fashioned, along with Gin and Tonic, is probably the best cocktail there is. So a great one to start the lineup with.

  8. What do you mean they’re local? Local to where? Delta loves buying local planes (like Airbus), local beer (like Heineken), so maybe these are local to Argentina? Who knows.

  9. Great idea.
    There is still a pandemic going on. For those of you who can’t go without alcohol on a domestic flight. This will regulate you and no one has to touch your drink. Once you hit your limit your done that’s it.. who decides your limit? Why of course your fantastic flight attendant.
    Have a great day….

  10. I cannot fly Delta and I don’t drink alcohol..
    My favorite airplane drink has always come in a can.
    Coke, please, no ice.
    Thanks again, American Airlines.
    Problem solved.

  11. I live in Atlanta and have had these before. They’re actually pretty good like others have said. This is not a buzz ball level drink. (Though I’m not too good for a buzz ball and a big front seat every now and then!)

  12. I’ve tried these Tip Top canned cocktails. Wife bought me a case of the Negronis and Manhattans this last Chrismas. They were both absolutely terrible. Didnt finish one and threw the rest away. Truly awful tasting.

    Zing Zang mix for bloody marys would be a real first class benefit.

  13. I second the irony of a self-proclaimed “thought leader” calling out a different brand for “trying to hard” to convey their leadership.

    Only for my 2nd, I’m not kidding like 1st commenter was.

  14. Won’t book first class on delta until they actually bring back first class service as it use to be. Prices are too high for a first class seat right now for no service. We now book American. At least we can get any spirit we want to drink including coke sprite or ginger ale. Very disappointed in how conservative Delta has become. My next trip..Cancun via American vacations booked first class.

  15. Since Delta has gone political (like many other ‘woke’ businesses embarking on the ignorant ‘voter suppression’ bandwagon), I will not be flying on their planes, drinks or no drinks.

  16. First step, introduce long shelf life products; second step, replace galleys with vending machines (that only accept credit cards due to Covid concerns of course). Pesky personalized service problem solved.

  17. Gary, a Bee’s Knees is quite tasty (and I am not a fan of gin), but it’s basically a Gin with Lemon and honey. Quite refreshing. Although I don’t fly Delta on the regular, I love the idea of a Manhattan or Old Fashioned when flying!

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