Delta’s New Premium Economy, Misleading Claims about SkyMiles, and Bonus Points for Booking Direct

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  1. Sounds like the new Delta CEO is just like all the politicians running for President. They make up any story they want and their supporters (or in the case of Delta their customers) believe anything they say. It is very nice that you tell the truth, but Delta customers don’t care – they continue to pay through the nose, don’t get in return what they expected, and fly Delta and fly Delta and fly Delta.

  2. Every time one of the US3 announce something I go through truly weird feelings. I’ll try to describe them:

    1) Oh boy an announcement.
    2) Oh this could be really cool.
    3) Wait a minute. This doesn’t seem very good at all.
    4) Is there something wrong with me that I can’t see how this is good for me (or anyone else)?
    5) The US3 spokesperson seems really jacked about it. I better go back and read/listen to it again.
    6) OK, I read it again. This is a bad thing.
    7) And then it just keeps repeating.

  3. Boy, that’s a lot of spin from Ed. Love how he discusses the fuel issue. No mention of inflation adjustments on oil and the effect on Delta’s costs(savings). But then he does mention inflation adjustments regarding ticket prices and then conveniently neglects the increased fee income as a cost to customers.
    Nice selective choice of factors. This guy is bad news, an RA puppet.

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