Denied Global Entry for an Amazon Order and Marriott Apologizes to China

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  1. I can see why Spirit’s board fired Baldanza. His grasp of economics is somewhat incomplete.

    Let’s say Spirit offers a passenger a $49 fare, and American matches that with a $49 basic economy fare. American also offers that customer a $79 regular coach fare. The passenger considers the options, figures he’s better off flying American than Spirit for $49, but decides in the end to give American the extra $30 for a regular carry-on and the incidentals. Had he booked with Spirit, he might have bought the carry-on bag upsell and also given them $79. Let’s assume that due to lower cost, Spirit would make $15 off this passenger, and now American makes $5 (American, of course, is making most of their money off other, higher paying passengers).

    In the days before Basic Economy, American might have matched this fare but, at $49 and no upsell potential, it would have lost money. If it didn’t match the fare, the customer would have gone with Spirit, and probably given them $79.

    Please explain to me how Spirit is better off with American having Basic Economy.

  2. Talk about burying the lede… Harper Reed, the man who was denied Global Entry, isn’t just “an engineer at Paypal.” He was the Chief Technology Officer for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. He was one of the most high-profile officials in the campaign; there were dozens of profiles written about him and the digital team he led. It seems noteworthy that he, of all people, would be denied service by the TSA after a change in administration. I’m shocked that the author of that story didn’t note that in his article.

  3. @Ryan… Why would someone pay full price for a name brand luggage from an Amazon 3rd party provider shipped internationally? Those are the nearly mutually exclusive events. He either got the luggage at a very good price and knew or should have known it was fake, or he would have bought it from Neiman Marcus for $700 in the first place.
    I doubt that CTO’s of election committees from 6 years ago are targeted by TSA or state department for travel restrictions.

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