Despite Elite Status, Playboy Playmate Kicked Off Southwest Airlines Over Revealing Outfit

Eve Marie is a Southwest Airlines A-List member and companion pass holder. She also identifies herself as a Playboy Playmate. She reports being removed from of a Southwest Airlines flight on Thursday because her top was deemed too revealing.

She was eventually allowed to fly – but only when she covered up with clothing lent to her by a crewmember. Not she’s calling for change at the Dallas-based carrier.

Ms. Marie was flying with her 7 year old son from Dallas Love Field to Tulsa when the airline told her she couldn’t fly wearing such a low cut leopard print outfit. She got into an argument with the airline over the nuances of their dress policy, but eventually a agreed to wear the sweater a flight attendant offered to her to resolve the dispute.

That, in my view, is great service from the cabin crew to allow the woman to the crewmember’s own clothing no matter what you think of the dress policy in in the first place. Earlier in the month a Southwest Airlines pilot lent a passenger in a revealing top his short so she’d be able to fly.

The airline didn’t just make her put on the sweater, they also required her to sit in the first row so that other passengers wouldn’t see her top. Many passengers covet row 1 though an A-List member, who isn’t A-List Preferred, probably doesn’t see it often. Eve Marie, though, does also note that she spends $90,000 a year on her Rapid Rewards co-brand credit card, which getting her most of the way towards the companion pass she uses.

Based on the video she also doesn’t appear to know how to wear a face mask properly.

She wants an apology from the airline as well as “better diversification training,” clarity on the dress code along with consistent enforcement, and wants employees “held accountable.”

Spirit Airlines gets passenger fights, and Southwest Airlines kicks off women whose clothing is too revealing. That’s at least the stereotype for each airline, fair or not. It’s odd though since Southwest plasters Israeli model Bar Refaeli in a bikini on the side of one of their 737s, so it’s not clear how such attire would violate Southwest’s standards of what’s appropriate to fly.

And indeed here are Southwest’s original flight attendant uniforms, designed by their original President’s wife. And did you know the airline’s original ticketing machines were called Quickies?

And for what it’s worth I had anchored to when Playboy said they’d no longer publish nude photos but apparently they changed their mind.

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  1. I spaced out once I read “leopard print outfit”. She deserved to be thrown off the flight just for that crime against humanity.

  2. Wow! That is the most revealing outfit I can recall seeing on here and Southwest has every right to make her cover up per policy…but, for an alternate solution, I think there would be plenty of volunteers that wouldn’t mind sitting next to her.

  3. Woman was hanging out, it needed adjustment. That just look so street tacky. I mean she looked like a kardascian. As for the pictures of the flight attendants in the orange t shirts and shorts, they were fine, the only thing they showed were there legs, not their boobs or their asses sticking out. So you cannot compare them to what you were wearing, because you were more vulgar. The only reason you look like that is for attention, nothing else. Dress better for your child, especially when you get on an airplane. Dress like that at home, or when you go out to bars, where men can look at you. That’s what your going for.

  4. If this woman had a small breasts, I doubt anyone would have complained about her wardrobe.

    We, as a society, need to stop sexualizing and policing women’s bodies.

    An outfit is only as revealing and distracting as we make it to bed. Don’t like it? Ignore it.

  5. Have a hard time believing she didn’t know this top would be a problem. Seems more likely that she knew the top would be an issue and was looking to generate internet attention and maybe extort something from the airline. These types of stories always seem to come from activists or models or wannabe celebs. Basically people with a built in agenda.

  6. It is completely Inappropriate but I wish she was wearing that on my flight!

    How long before she plays the race card?

  7. Only one reason to let it hang out like that, to call attention to yourself, turn heads, get noticed.

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