23 Year Old Woman Stopped From Boarding Flight Because She Was “Showing Too Much Skin”

In November Southwest Airlines kicked a Playboy Playmate off a flight over her revealing outfit. And in October a Southwest pilot gave a woman his sweater so she’d be allowed to fly since her “low-cut black halter top” was deemed inappropriate for the airline which plastered a bikini model on the side of one of its Boeing 737s.

Southwest is known for these sorts of incidents the way that Spirit Airlines and the U.K.’s Jet2 are known for lewd and drunk passenger stories. But passenger dress issues aren’t limited to Southwest.

A 23 year old woman was refused boarding her flight VA1447 from Adelaide to Gold Coast on Virgin Australia on Wednesday because her outfit’s top was “showing too much skin.”

Daily Mail Australia understands Ms Bampton was approached in the lounge because Virgin staff felt the way the ‘bikini-style top’ was being worn was unsuitable for travel.

Virgin Australia’s website state guests who do not meet the airline’s minimum dress requirements can be prevented from travelling until they are dressed appropriately.

Passengers must wear footwear, suitable clothing that covers their bottom half, such as shorts, skirts, or pants, and a shirt (singlets are acceptable) to be permitted to fly, according to the company’s website.

Australians are both casual and surprisingly conservative. Qantas lounges for instance have an enforced dress code. But the Virgin brand has literally sold sex for decades, so it’s an odd choice to for the carrier to make.

Virgin America, for instance – since acquired by Alaska Airlines – explicitly said ‘all passengers are welcome’ after a woman was photographed at one of their checkin desks in her underwear.

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  1. “Conservative culture”? I would not be comfortable opening the images in this post at work or in any public environment. And I’m BIDEN 2020 SANDERS 2024 AOC 2028

  2. Looked up your first post – that led to
    “‘I’m an A list member for [Southwest Airlines] and have a credit card with the airline and I have perks that allow any person travelling with me to fly free because of my high status with the airline. …….. Eve says that she spends $90,000 a year with SWA and has taken over 32 trips with the airline in 2020 – having worn the same outfit on some of these flights.”

    She is not spending 90k w Southwest – but 90k on her Chase SW card that got her a companion pass
    – Shame on you Gary, for missing that and focusing on her other things

  3. Disgusting shameless people like this have no shame and concern for other passengers especially seniors , families and kids! Should be charged with indecent act and banned for life!

  4. I’ve been told by QF J crew that I don’t look like I need more than one appetizer on a BNELAX long haul. Not surprised

  5. what goes around?

    The halter top (as shown above) was popular in the US in the 70’s. I’m old enough to have worn one..

  6. Lol cr. So true. In 1977 I was turned away at Disneyland for wearing a halter top. I had to go back to the car and change before they would let me enter the park.

  7. So she wanted to rush straight from the flight to the beach on arrival?
    Or maybe someone called the Fashion Police?
    In any event, the message is don’t dress for the beach if you’re not at the beach.

  8. I love how Australia has eradicated COVID through hard lockdowns and now they don’t have to bother with masks since nobody’s transmitting it. Kudos.

    BTW, conservative does not equate requiring appropriate clothing at a business class lounge or nice restaurant. Respectful is probably the best word.

  9. @Jason, if you are “BIDEN 2020 SANDERS 2024 AOC 2028” as you say you are, then you need to STFU about what to wear on passenger planes, since they won’t exist anymore in the 2028 world you pine for.

    Plus, in your 2028 world, we’d all be only 2 years away from AOC’s 12-year “sky-is-falling” doomsday, so why worry about what anyone is — or is not — wearing?

    Go back down to the basement, Jason. Or go on to your next Antifa/BLM riot . . . oh sorry . . . I meant to say: your next “mostly peaceful protest.”

  10. Jim says “ Disgusting shameless people like this have no shame and concern for other passengers especially seniors , families and kids! Should be charged with indecent act and banned for life!”.

    What a disgusting comment Jim. Very sad to hear a statement like that in 2021. I am a conservative but your comment is absurd and degrading. I have no issue with how this woman is dressed and the airline is hypocritical in their actions esp if you look at their prior ad campaigns. Jim this is 2021 not 1921!

  11. Here’s a tidbit for those wishing to fly as scantily clad as possible: Airline seat surfaces are filthy. FILTHY. At most, during overnight “cleaning” (ha!) they get a half-spritz of cold slightly soapy water and then one quick wipe with a filthy rag that is saturated with dirt, germs, and general filth it acquired from the previous 378 seats and various surfaces its been used on, to include the lavatories.

  12. Replying to Jason –
    From what you implied I inferred that you would not be comfortable opening an intelligent conversation because you might need to provide facts.
    Go back to the basement, stick your head back in the sand, or whatever it is you people do.

  13. @Michael Feldman (excuse lack of caps):

    While @Jason is busy as you suggest, I guess you and your friends will be storming another Federal Bldg. or maybe just sitting at the pool with the obese unemployed orange man.

  14. Thank you Ray. I enjoy reading interesting, clever, and humorous comments without having to see moronic trumpkin hate speech.

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