Marine Confronts A Trump Supporter At The Atlanta Airport Who Just Flew Home From D.C.

The Atlanta local CBS television station went to the airport to interview Trump supporters returning home from D.C. where some protested and others stormed the U.S. Capitol attempting to disrupt the counting of electoral votes last week.

While talking to a man in a Make America Great Again hat, a man walks up and identifies himself as a “twenty year Marine” and says he “fought for [the man’s right] to protest” and is offended by how the protests broke down into violence, calling them terrorists. He shows what appears to be a military ID. The MAGA supporter claimed to have just protested and that he did not enter the Capitol.

The wounds from January 6th run deep. Joe Biden has a gargantuan task ahead of him as he takes the oath of office and becomes President for all Americans.

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  1. I remember when travel blogs were about miles, points, and frequent business travel. The articles were for the frequent flyer community.

  2. What a surprise. I load up the website and the first article I see is not about travel but about Trump/MAGA. What a shock.

  3. “Marine”….if he was a Marine, he would have kept his mouth shut and moved along instead of instigating and inserting himself.

  4. People who protested against the election results as “fake” or “fraudulent” are the ones who are instigating and inserting themselves in ridiculous, anti-patriotic ways.

    Everyone has a right to have their opinion, to legally protest and to whine about whatever. And yet a right to have an opinion, legally protest, whine or illegally protest doesn’t mean a right to be free of being subject to lawful disagreement by non-governmental actors critical of the opinion, legal protest, whining, criminal protest or whatever.

  5. How convenient. An Atlanta station with camera just showed up. When I change planes a Marine always interviews me before I use the tram. Very fake news!

  6. Right now, there are US Citizens in parts of DC who can’t enter or leave their neighborhood without first presenting identification to military personnel……anybody have a problem with this?

  7. OneXMarine, you only have 3 more days of that bumbling old fool for a president, so just relax; he’ll soon be history. And sorry history at that.

  8. OneXMarine

    Just reading this morning, the Russian Foreign Ministry claims a lot of Trump supporters have contacted them about a possible Russian citizenship. While I doubt you’ll appreciate Russia’s gun laws and free health care, you’ll love their blatant disregard for the environment, disdain for the disabled, and rampant racism and homophobia.

  9. Gary,

    I dont really understand why these articles are on your blog? I realize that you have no really travel information to post, but the just don’t post at all.

    Very close to just never coming back to your blog. I can get news of this type on many other sources, I have boarding area forums setup for travel stuff.

  10. Mike,

    The people more engaged in currently traveling for leisure purposes and signing up for credit cards useful toward travel may be Trump supporters. And even if they weren’t, a blog may measure success, or get some of its success, by way of audience size. And perhaps like with Facebook, an outraged audience is a more engaged audience that can be used to further monetize a website.

  11. I enjoyed the post and appreciate all our military who protect and defend our county honorably.Thanks Gary for all you do, the interesting helpful content as well as news events and entertainment..My family and friends all smiled on the silly video of the kangaroo on board
    Don’t change too much for me.Well done

  12. Looks like OneXMarine needs to follow what his fellow Trumpette Chris says and stop talking

  13. “Marine”

    You know, most Americans aren’t offended by what happened at the capital right? Most are amused by it.

  14. I know your blog is called View From A Left WingNut but is it too much to ask for just information that relates to travel, miles and points?

  15. One thing sticks out: no mask.

    Can we finally start fining these idiots for keeping us from exiting this health nightmare?

  16. Sure wish this “20 year marine” would approach me in the airport.

    I’ve got some four-letter-words that even they have not heard before.

  17. Where were all the American heroes when cities were being torched to the ground during the summer ? Where were these same condemnations of violence. The left can’t have it both ways. Americans are smart enough to see through their hypocrisy. The left wants to unite with the right, but only on the left’s terms.

  18. When I read @OneXmarine’s comment above:
    “I will never accept that bumbling old fool as my president.” I thought maybe he’d left the dark side and re-entered the 2021 real world.
    No such luck, he’s still knee deep in the Trump swamp/cult worshipping The Worst President,

  19. @the expat – That’s good news. That will be a first time a President- Elect left on inauguration day.

  20. @ Glenn t – Historians will write who is or isn’t the worst or best presidents not you or I or anyone else on this blog. Why don’t you pull your head out of your rectum and watch Biden try to talk. He can’t even finish a sentence while reading a teleprompter. I’m not a physician but he is showing every sign of serious cognitive decline. His angry outburst and he can’t even walk, he shuffles his feet. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

  21. @OneX – apparently you haven’t seen Trump slur his words plenty over the years, he can barely speak half the time (and has the vocabulary of a 6th grader). And oh yeah, he walks down a ramp like a degenerate. Biden can run (or bike) circles around him.

  22. Trump is the only US President to be impeached twice. He’s in a whole category of infamy to himself for that. And that’s not even all. The unprecedented volumes of lies from a sitting President and the stoking the fires of insurrection by the same is also going to make him uniquely infamous in history to-date. That so many of his personal associates had to be given a pardon/clemency also speaks to how uniquely corrupt Trump has been up to this point in history.

    He’s going down as the greatest loser in US Presidential history, and that’s despite Trump having gotten one of the highest popular vote totals for a POTUS candidate — only to have Biden legitimately wipe out Trump’s record by winning many millions of more American votes and having a large, whopping electoral college victory over Trump too.

    That Trump lost Georgia three times over speaks volumes about how Trump is the worst (un)presidential loser of 2020 and 2021 and it will remain as a stain on his history whether he meets mortality, ends up behind bars, goes into self-imposed exile abroad, or some combination of the above.

  23. “Joe Biden has a gargantuan task ahead of him as he takes the oath of office and becomes President for all Americans.” After 4 years of Never Trump and The Resistance and mainstream media taking every conceivable potshot at the POTUS and FLOTUS, you are expecting Biden to be worshipped by all Americans as the New Messiah? Almost half the country already thinks he is a false prophet and no King of the News.

  24. I heard that the DC Police have called in The Ghost Busters in case all of the dead people who voted for Biden get violent.

  25. James N, the military is diverse like the US. There are some very intelligent and well educated military men and women, and it’s not all just in the senior officer corps.

    A great deal of being the “best and brightest” is based on discipline and doing the hard work of learning and delivering to the demands for a situation.

    Back in my day, it was a walk in the park for some to get accepted into Stanford, Yale, and/or Harvard and the doormats of the Ivies all while the USAFA, Caltech and MIT were much more demanding and producing the kind of people I would want working for me.

  26. Hello whiny right wing snowflakes . You’re mad that politics have invaded a travel blog? What else can Gary write about about with a completely out of control deadly pandemic destroying travel and killing 400k Americans due to your Orange God’s complete and total failure to govern? And if I hear one more false equivalency about BLM marches vs you MAGAtards literally killing a police officer I might hurl my lunch. If BLM broke into the capital like these wonderful unemployed champions of our pathetically ignorant white underclass, they would have been shot on site!

  27. Haven’t you people figured out that Gary IS OneXMarine?
    I’m having a blast with this persona, who even……incorrectly…. told me I misspelled “breach.”

    What better way to create clicks …………..?

  28. @loungeabuser – Put our money where your mouth is big mouth! How much you want to bet that Gary and I don’t even know each other? It’s better to be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt!

  29. Without commenting on the politics side, there’s zero reason for Gary to post this. This has nothing to do with travel except for the coincidence that the interview took place at an airport. He did it for one reason only… clicks (and I am guilty for falling for it.)

  30. @loungeabuser – You’re such a pathetic person I don’t know if I could find the words that would insult you. So how much money are you going to put up that Gary and I are one and the same?

  31. Yeah Gary like JohnB says….you should ban people who don’t believe that Biden is the second coming of Jesus Christ….how’s that “unity” working out for everyone? Dont worry, President Harris will take over by June, then money and lollipops will rain from the sky. You can take that to the bank!

  32. @Chris – You’re spot on my friend! I hope they all enjoy $5 a gallon gas and 40% inflation, millions of illegals running all over the country, many being gang bangers, rapist, child molesters, etc. Coming to a neighborhood near you soon! Unemployment at 12% -15%. Biden knows as much about unity as I do flying the space shuttle. And that is 0!

  33. @GUWonder

    You realize that Biden won with the exact same Electoral College total as Trump did in 2016. don’t you? How are you trying make this some huge accomplishment? As for getting more total popular votes, there is no national popular election, so that doesn’t really matter for the purposes of electing a President. Biden’s margins of victory in the crucial swing states were hardly massive. What does it tell you that allegedly racist, homophobic Trump’s support among racial minorities and gays was higher in 2020 than in 2016?

    I wonder where GUWonder went to school. He is so eager to pooh-pooh the institutions from which so many Democratic elites graduated.

  34. @ OneXMarine. Words of wisdom you write . . . again. They just don’t know how little they just don’t know.
    I find it troublesome that the “news” is focused on one individual in the ATL airport that happens to fit the current biden narrative.

  35. Cargocult,

    I’m fully aware of Trump’s marginal victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016 — more marginal in how Trump won the 2016 electoral college votes than how Biden won the 2020 electoral college votes.

    I won’t say more about myself on the question that has you curious, but I will say that: Caltech and MIT rejected me, but to their credit perhaps maybe they could tell that I had no intention to focus on educating myself for STEM careers; and I never wanted to go to the undergraduate schools where I would perhaps have had legacy/donor-privileged access.

    Given where Senators Cruz, Hawley and Cotton graduated, let’s just say that it’s obvious that even the most widely respected institutions of higher learning in the country can’t teach good character to the characters that worship at the altar of their Lord Trump. The clown Josh Hawley even can’t keep his head clear about how the First Amendment doesn’t obligate a private company like Twitter to play propaganda host to a man-child President who allegedly cheated his way into what was then one of the doormats of the Ivy League, a school located in a city that overwhelmingly rejected the faithless Trump and chose the faithful Biden.

  36. @GUWonder

    Are you quibbling over margins of tens of thousands of votes in total? Clinton lost in 2016 because she was a terrible candidate with a losing strategy. That Trump was able to demolish the Republican field, leaving establishment folx with Ted Cruz as their last hope, doesn’t speak well of the party. Biden was also a lousy candidate, but disgust with Trump was able to put him over the finish line (barely). One can believe that Biden won the election and that there were unconstitutional machinations involved. What happened in Pennsylvania was a travesty. If you disagree, I suggest you read (or watch, if reading is too much of a chore) A Man for All Seasons for inspiration.

    Neither CalTech nor MIT had low acceptance rates until perhaps the mid-Aughts or later. I suspect Wharton (Trump’s alma mater) probably had lower acceptance rates than MIT did, though MIT probably had a higher caliber of self-selected applicants. Penn certainly had a reputation as a safety school until applications for all elite schools skyrocketed in the Aughts. “I never wanted to go to the undergraduate schools where I would perhaps have had legacy/donor-privileged access.” Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    I think you mistake the purpose of these elite schools. They are first and foremost signaling mechanisms, not educational institutions. You name Cruz, Hawley and Cotton, but what about the Clintons? Bill Clinton has credibly been accused of rape by several women and Hillary had no problem shaming them. Cruz and Hawley are rather unctuous, but Cotton volunteered for infantry duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, which was far more dangerous than what Mayor Pete did. I think he put his money where his mouth is.

    That Penn favors Biden over Trump is unsurprising and says nothing about the better character of those running the school. Academia is overwhelmingly leftist and illiberal and Penn is no exception. It has a long history of speech codes and violation of due process. College is useless for most people anyway. Our primary and secondary schools are failing to teach students such that many arrive at college (almost half are community colleges) requiring remedial education, making college an extension of high school at much greater cost. Thinking that “going to college” is some sort of ticket to middle-class prosperity is a grave error and a symptom of cargo cultism. We are producing too many wannabe elites who are weighed down with student loans and degrees of questionable worth. That they can’t have the easy upward mobility of their Boomer progenitors infuriates them and turns them woke. Surely cishet white men are to blame for everything.

  37. Cargocult’s still living in the delusional world of the Trump cult with its conspiratorial beliefs and induced hostility to mainstream educational institutions, critical thinking skills, science and facts.

    The primary education system in America shows how it’s failing America when it produces a President Trump and has his sycophantic fellow travelers being the real force and face of the Republican Party in the country.

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