Disney Worker Destroys Wedding Proposal In Front Of Magic Castle

An employee at Disneyland Paris destroyed a park guest’s wedding proposal by “snatching [the] ring and ushering them away” while the man was in the act. The suitor says he was given permission to be there, while the worker saw the couple in a restricted area.

In the film, onlookers can be heard applauding as the man drops to his knees and his girlfriend puts her hands to her face in shock.

After the staff member scurries into frame, nabs the engagement ring, and beckons the stunned couple down to another location, the crowd begins to boo while the staff member shakes his head and smiles.

The couple head down the stairs as fairytale music swirls in the air. When they reach the bottom the staff member hands back the ring and appears to say ‘That’s the rule.’

Reaction to the video was mixed, with some people criticizing the employee for seeming all-too-happy to destroy the moment while others suggesting this is what you get for clearly breaking rules (heavily doubting the claim that they had permission).

Disney has apologized for destroying the mid-proposal moment, and promises to ‘make things right’ with the theme park guests, but I actually think they’ve made the moment unforgettable in a way that few proposals actually are.

Most people just ‘pop the question’ and perhaps offer a ring. Too many propose inflight, usually on Southwest Airlines. No doubt there are many marriage proposals at Disney theme parks. There’s something about Cinderella’s castle. But how many have had Disney literally intercede mid-proposal? If nothing else, the proposal was no longer derivative.

Reportedly she said yes.

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  1. Some people think everything is about them and insist on being included in everyone else’s business at all times. They can’t help themselves.
    These are also the same people that think their business should be paid attention to by everyone else at all times.
    They cannot imagine anything, in the entire world, moving forward without their input and the attention of it pointed in their direction.
    “Look at me! Look at me! Syndrome”

  2. To say that Disney has lost the plot is not an understatement.
    When DIS employees are running for public office counter to Disney’s public statements, the team is not unified and that is perfectly apparent when you see an employee handling a situation completely out of Disney’s historic guest culture.

    and there are implications for how other service companies approach divisive public issues that are ancillary to the core business. If you want a unified customer service experience, don’t engage in divisive policies.

  3. How dare a biological male propose to a biological female. This certainly violates Disney’s child grooming ideology.

  4. Christian,
    you did read that Gary noted the guy asked for permission before going up there?
    Either two DIS team members weren’t on the same page or Mr. party crasher changed his mind

  5. A perfect cluster-F of bozos. Dopey, Goofy and Wrecky. So glad they got all this attention, maybe they’ll be content to act like adults now.

  6. Are we sure it’s not staged? If someone popped into the scene and snatched the ring like that, any red-blooded male would surely do more than just look in the guy’s direction.

  7. Disney is in self destruction mode. Park attendance is down and people are taking the kids elsewhere.

  8. Reading the comments, I am amazed at the bigotry and homophobia. Welcome to the new America, that only has freedom for “certain” people! Next, they will be pushing their religious dogma in all public schools! Which is certainly happening in some states, right now!

  9. @JohnB – If you have a lot of shortcomings you try to put down other people to make yourself feel better. That’s why stable adults who are comfortable in their sexual orientation don’t need to make childish homophonic quips. It’s the people who are drawn to what they were taught are “wrong” relationships that need to protest loudly. Hopefully they’ll come out of the closet and then can live happy, productive lives.

  10. Ancient news. I half expect to see this Disney employee as a flight attendant on my next flight for some odd reason. Seems like he loves being a dream killer instead of making a dream come true.

  11. @John B

    The only bigotry comes from the side that says Gays, Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims are allowed pride, to advocate for their own communities, to have their own communities, to get angry if other groups move into their own communities, to exclude other communities, to support criminalizing anyone who criticizes them or “offends” them, and denies other groups the opportunity to be free from them.

  12. Don’t EVER touch me or my property … ever. I feel sorry for the employee who feels so powerless, he MUST interrupt a beautiful event. Just another self-destructive move by the money pit they call Disney. This FL resident is happy to see that they alone are the root of their own demise. I mean, who wants to visit or live in the center of a peninsula anyway … when there are thousands of miles of beautiful beaches. It is OK to represent a manufactured dream as long as you do not have an obvious agenda. Corporate America screws up innocence again.

  13. Walt Disney once said that all he wants to do is make people happy. It’s obviuos the current management does not have this vision in mind and it went down the the employee level.
    The current Disney vision is one I will no longer partronize and would encourage everyone to avoid this company. It lost its vision.

  14. Disney lost its way over the last few years and continues to get worse and worse. I’m surprised they let even them in the park since they appear white and heterosexual. I hope they close the Florida park and all the others.

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