Jeff Bezos: My Credit Card Was Declined

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  1. @ Gary — Glad we used 1 million+ AMEX points to book 5 one-way F savers x2 people between JFK and SIN, 1 one-way F saver x2 people between JFK and SIN, and 1 one-way J saver x2 people between SIN and SFO last year for travel this year. We should be about tired of SQ after all those trips. 🙂

  2. Insects deliver complimentary extra protein
    Many cultures enjoy them.Obviously a hard to please passenger 😉 🙂

  3. Bezos and Amazon are Scum. He should be tried for crimes against humanity and tortured for the way he treats his employees. I hope he rots in hell.

  4. Thanks for the reminder of the typical American Airlines attitude for a $10k ticket: “staff that simply laughed it off and asked if I wanted a different salad”.

    Free tip: nobody should ever book a $10k ticket on American Airlines when Lufthansa is the other option on the same route!

  5. Did you hear Bezos wants a small town to partially remove a bridge for him so he can sail his 500million dollar barge onto a body of water he likes.

  6. @joanie adams
    Not defending Bezos, but 1) Rotterdam is not a small town, it is the maritime capital of Europe with a metro population of 2.7 Million, More importantly, he is not sailing the yacht down the river, the shipbuilder needs to the bridge dismantled to get the boat from the shipyard to the open sea. Blame the shipbuilder who agreed to the contract knowing the bridge would need to be temporarily dismantled.

  7. i hope the day comes that bezos himself gets declined service
    the ionly service that he should recieve is one way ticket
    to moscow on hot plane no toilet breaks, so he can live with his anti union
    siberia slave camp friends
    who knows maybe hell meet another women there?

  8. Are you aware that since March 2022 (or earlier), Singapore Airlines will NOT let you redeem Krisflyer Miles to book a flight online?
    Tried numerous times, with different browsers, cleared cookies, etc., etc., to no avail.
    They tell you to call them to redeem, then after waiting an hour on the phone, they tell you the redeem team will call you back to redeem – guess what? they NEVER called back yet, since March, and I called them many a times.
    We’ve sent over a dozen emails since March, and one month ago, we received a reply, with the answer “sorry, but send us detailed info” (as if we didn’t originally write 2 pages of info to them already, to begin with)!
    BUT if you want to use cash & miles (at a miserable rate, to book), or just cash, then yes, you can do it online instantly.
    They just want your cash, and make it impossible to redeem!
    Has anyone looked at the zillion complaints against them on their Facebook page???
    This airline is a joke.
    Why are they still flying it’s beyond me (supposedly great service in the sky, but horrible to non-existent on the ground)!!!
    Avoid at all costs!!!
    George M.

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