Donald Trump Campaign Offers Elite Status Program, Running Qualifying Dollars Promotion

The Trump Hotels TRUMP Card Privileges program is the only travel loyalty program that gives you points when you don’t cross a border.

The Trump campaign on the other hand has rolled out a tier program. And their even running a TQD promo (Trump Qualifying Dollars).

Trump’s campaign normally offers Executive status qualification at the $100 spend level. However they’re offering a triple qualifying dollars promotion currently, so $35 spend is enough to earn $100 status. Similarly, when United’s minimum spend for elite status was set too high they had to run qualifying promotions as well.

In 2007 Democratic Presidential primary candidate Barack Obama launched the Obama Points program although it wasn’t clear what you could redeem them for. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is said to focus her program on Elite Access.

The Trump Hotel in DC, just a stone’s throw from the White House in the Old Post Office Building space is scheduled to open September 12.

Unless Donald Trump can do a better job pleasing elites he’ll wind up at the top of this hotel waving at Hillary.

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  1. I’m no fan of Obama by any means, but he is correct in that the rest of the world is laughing at America for even entertaining the idea of Trump as president.

    Ofcourse I don’t have a say as I’m not an American. But, it’s really quite amazing how millions of people are going to vote for this guy.

  2. Donald Trump is like your octogenarian bigoted, ignorant grandfather or uncle who you have to see once a year at family functions and who can be (in spite of yourself) amusing in an off-color and embarrassing way. He is outrageous and ridiculous but as the night wears on and you hoist a few, you can’t help having a good laugh at his expense. He knows a few things from watching TV but has an opinion on everything and everyone, usually with no bearing on reality. You don’t even try to argue or correct him anymore because, after all, he is a lonely, stupid and harmless old fart. Only thing is now a few million people think he might make a good president.

  3. Obama has make a lot of people very wealthy in China and has created millions of jobs here. I am looking forward to 8 years of Hillary as it would mean more prosperity to Asia. God Bless America, the most generous country on the planet !!!

  4. As a travel & points blog, I must confess some surprise (and disappointment) at Gary for posting this . . . I had really hoped this would stay a politics-free, non-polarizing zone.

  5. More on topic for this blog: I’m curious how much Trump’s hotels have suffered with people avoiding them since he came out as a white nationalist.

  6. I’m slightly confused by some of the comments here. Which political opinion did Gary express here? I didn’t detect any. Anyway, I’m not saying it would be a problem if he did.

  7. @John Chen

    Internet trolls are still using this lame method of persuasion?

    The “OMG I’m so happy the US keeps shooting themselves in the foot with [Candidate A]” as a way to goad people to vote for [Candidate B], which was their intentions all along.

  8. I don’t mind @Gary tipping his toes in political waters this way. Though I guess that’s because I’m anti-Trump. Speaking of which, big kudos to @Mark’s company for boycotting Trump hotels.

    Regardless I’m with @Shza in being very interested in this: “More on topic for this blog: I’m curious how much Trump’s hotels have suffered with people avoiding them since he came out as a white nationalist.”

  9. @Steve — while I *personally* am in complete agreement with you, I was just hoping some forum, somewhere, would keep above the fray . . . ;^)

    That said, a response to the question posed by @Szha would indeed be most welcome.

  10. Personally, I’m more concerned with what Killary has DONE than what Trump has said.

  11. Our corporate travel policy no longer allows us to stay in Trump hotels so this offer won’t do us much good.

  12. Plenty of people are voting against Trump properties with their wallets and staying away.

    If the blogger here thinks Trump is going to pay him somehow, better get paid upfront ..

    He said he likes the uneducated, there isn’t enough dummies to get him to the finish line.

    I predict he quits.

  13. @Gary . . . “Folks, there’s no political opinion here at all, I’m just noting the loyalty mechanism being applied in a political context.”

    Yes, and THAT will teach ya . . . ;^)

  14. I ordered gold cards couple of weeks ago. I haven’t received anything yet

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