Donald Trump Gets Water Cannon Salute at LaGuardia as He Prepares to Upgrade His Plane

@DanGallo, Donald Trump’s 757 received a water cannon salute as it departed New York LaGuardia airport for Washington DC so that the President Elect could meet with President Obama.

He could have taken the American Airlines Shuttle to Washington National, of course, it used to be the Trump Shuttle.

On the Trump Shuttle, there were gold colored fixtures in the lavatories. On Trump’s 757 the seat belts — and everything else — are gold plated.

Air Force One, on the other hand, features an onboard operating room staffed by a doctor whenever the plane is inflight, a shower, and even a gym.

Copyright: carlosyudica / 123RF Stock Photo

It also features defense technologies:

  • “Mirror-ball defense technology in the wings scramble infrared missile guidance systems”
  • “Electronic countermeasure defense systems…jam enemy radar”
  • “Flares hidden in the confuse enemy missiles”
  • “The body of the plane can withstand a nuclear blast on the ground”
  • Each exit has its own retractable staircase, to avoid risk of sabotage of whatever staircase would be provided on the ground
  • Windows are armored

So that’ll definitely be an upgrade.

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  1. This is Gary’s blog, and this post is travel-related. I certainly did not vote for T, quite the contrary, but in my opinion it is unwise to continue engaging into vitriolic attacks against one another. Not conducive to personal clarity and peace, nor national reconciliation. This is not a political platform to rant from. Thank you, Gary, for all the useful travel information you have imparted me.

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