Passenger Threatens 3 Year Old, Threatens Crew, and Takes Off His Clothes

What happens next is exactly what you’d expect.

According to the criminal complaint (.pdf), Oliver Charles Halliday Gee was onboard Condor flight DE2115 on November 2 from Cancun to Frankfurt.

Condor Boeing 767, Frankfurt Germany credit: philipus / 123RF Stock Photo

Allegedly he demanded to be served alcohol prior to takeoff. Of course this story begins with alcohol. The purser believed this passenger could be a problem, and notified the captain.

Sixty to ninety minutes into flight, Gee “threatened to kill another passenger” and “threatened and intimidated a three year old child.”

He then began removing his clothes and exposed his penis. The purser believed he intended to urinate in the cabin. You can more or less expect drunk passengers are going to do this, as evidenced by this American Airlines passenger, this JetBlue passenger, and this Air India passenger.

With the help of a man on the flight who was trained in mixed martial arts, the purser escorted Gee to the lavatory where he could relieve himself in private. Gee reportedly slapped both the purser and the assisting passenger. But didn’t slap his exposed self so at least there’s that.

And then there was the murder threat,

Schlegel also stated that GEE told Schlegel that GEE would kill him and GEE knew people in Mexico who would kill Schlegel for him. GEE also claimed to have served a prison sentence in Mexico.

The captain diverted the Boeing 767, while Gee was restrained in his seat.

The Flight Didn’t Make it Very Far Before Diverting

Since the aircraft diverted to Jacksonville, Florida the man has been charged with violating US law, 49 USC 46504 interference with flight crew. The flight continued to Frankfurt after the passenger was removed from the aircraft.

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