DUDE on the Upgrade List and American Airlines Breakfast Tacos!

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  1. Admirals Club in A had the same thing two Sundays ago. It’s basically build your own breakfast taco bar.

  2. Looks like S. Leff is wayyyyyyy down the Upgrade List. You gonna give him/her your seat, oh generous Dude? 😉

  3. @BZV – Rumor has it that LEF, S is Gary’s spouse, who often ends up in coach while he’s sitting in the front of the plane! 🙂

  4. That would be false. In fact the reason #2 cleared and I (#1 on the list did not) is because we opted to sit together in coach for this 935 mile flight. We had a row to ourselves in back.

  5. Thanks @Gary I see you’ve corrected that detail in the story. Similar to @Shane’s point, last Friday afternoon, -A-had build your own bruschetta with a variety of breads and toppings

  6. Shouldn’t you — and other airline bloggers/reporters — be better covering the IMPROVEMENT in US airline lounges that we’re seeing these days? For awhile there, they were down basic salty snacks and, honestly, never had decent food (at least in my memory, back to the early 80s). Now, some of these lounges are better than Centurion lounges. Like I was at DL Sky Club at JFK this week and they’re greeting me with an alcoholic drink cart (cosmopolitans that day), serving chicken breast with lots of sides and customize-your-own Vietnamese soup. The other week I was in one of their ATL lounges and I got a very decent breakfast. Who needs food on a plane — especially a domestic flight — when you’re getting these pretty elaborate spreads at the lounges? Indeed, coupled with Centurions and Priority Pass restaurants, this is the golden age of “free” food at airports!

  7. I cleared an upgrade last week…on an award ticket…and the biz class section went out with one empty seat (and many empty seats in economy). Very weird.

  8. @chopsticks – I certainly think I have covered improvement in US airline lounges, first there were the Centurion lounges, we’ve seen nicer SkyClubs eg Seattle and San Francisco (but not all are nicer, eg DL in PDX, SLC, JFK T2), UA Polaris lounges and AA Flagship lounges. And really has there been UNDERcoverage of priority pass restaurants?

  9. As someone who grew up in Perth I take offense to that! I live in London now and many people I’ve met have heard of Perth when I talk Australia…..

  10. Perth is great – and there’s some cool stuff within a few hours drive from there. The Westin that opened last year is fantastic & there’s a Ritz Carlton opening in October 🙂

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