During Government Shutdown Global Entry Interviews are Cancelled, No One is Protecting Data Privacy

During the government shutdown Global Entry enrollment centers are generally closed. In the first couple days of the shutdown I heard from two readers who said they managed to keep their appointments.

The Department of Homeland Security is largely though not entirely exempt from the shutdown. For instance 54,935 out of 60,109 Customs and Border Protection employees continue work, and perhaps the employees involved hadn’t yet gotten the memo.

All that’s on the website is that the website isn’t being updated. Helpful.

Copyright: andreyuu / 123RF Stock Photo

However several readers have gotten emails and even personal phone calls letting them know their appointment cannot be honored. So people are working to cancel appointments, but not working to keep those appointments. And apparently little regard is being paid to privacy.

Here’s one email that went out Friday afternoon cancelling appointments in Phoenix,

Good morning,

Please be advised The Phoenix Global Enrollment Center will be closed till further notice due to our Government shut down.

Your appointment will be cancelled and you will have to reschedule at a later time.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Supervisory CBP Officer
Office of Field Operations
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. Airport

The email was sent to hundreds of people. I know this because their email addresses are all listed in the To: field.

This is a reminder to be skeptical of bureaucracies managing large databases of personal information. It’s not just Marriott failing to guard your personal information. Remember that the government’s Office of Personnel Management hack was worse, containing security clearance information on large numbers of federal employees.

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