Man Slips on a Puddle in the Lavatory, Becomes Permanently Disabled

A man flying on Qantas’ low cost carrier Jetstar on a Boeing 787 redeye from Bali to Melbourne says he slipped in water in the aircraft lavatory and is suing.

The incident bears a striking resemblance to the bullet that shot John F. Kennedy:

  • He “stepped into a “large pool” of water and immediately slipped”

  • His “right foot then began to splay outwards towards the right with his right knee going in the opposite direction to his left knee as his right foot slid along the lavatory floor”

  • Then he “slammed into the vanity unit and rotated his right ankle more than 90 degrees”

  • He now says he’s permanently disabled.

And to add insult to injury when he sought help from the crew he says he was scolded for not cleaning up the puddle. So he’s suing the airline. If only Jetstar’s 787s had the same lavatories American Airlines uses in its Boeing 737s this would never have happened — his shoulders would be pressed up against the lavatory walls, effectively bracing him against any slip and fall.

Space saver lavs: It’s all about your safety!

(HT: Donald W.)

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  1. There you go! Something that’s actually good about the 737 bathroom being microscopic. Who would’ve thought?

  2. ” he was scolded for not cleaning up the puddle”
    So he made a mess , even if unintentionally, and fell fall it . Now it’s airlines fault? Typical low-wit thinking that everyone in the society needs to take care of me.

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