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  1. @Ken I have written about citi tax reporting, interestingly most recent reports I’ve seen are of their not doing it on these accounts

  2. From pointscentric.com:
    ” Tarheel Traveler on November 26, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    I can say last year Citi issued a 1099 on TY redemptions accrued from my checking account. After a lot of fighting, they ultimately gave me a credit for the additional tax hit for the 1099 to one of my credit cards, but were adamant that those types of redemptions are subject to 1099s if you receive a value over $625 (I think). The infuriating part of the process was that there was no set rule on how they valued the redemptions or a way to challenge their valuation if someone thought that they were high. I’ve steered clear of checking account deals with Citi since. Credit card accrued points are fine. “

  3. Yes, renting outside Airbnb has risks. And while I agree that Airbnb deserve their fair share for the services and protections they provide, some of their policies are outrageous: They charge a 3% currency conversion fee based on the billing address of the credit card, which means they’ll only charge my Sapphire Preferred in USD, pocketing a conversion fee that Chase doesn’t charge…

    I complained several months ago, asking them to allow the customer to choose the billing currency, but to date they haven’t implemented such a feature.

  4. “Earn 30,000 American Miles for a Checking Account With No Fees, and More”

    Doing it again, Gary…

    This time I wasted about 15 minutes reading the linked series of articles before I found out this:

    How do you earn those miles? Simple, just sign up by the deadline, which was March 30th. 🙁

    It’s really my fault though. At least according to the “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” rule.

  5. Just applied by finding a link to apply for a citigold checking account, logging into my existing citi credit card account, and replacing the offer code with the 4Y6KEW8XL3.

  6. re: Citi Bank Account funding
    Will funding a new Citi Bank Account w/ a Barclay AAdvantage Aviator card be considered a cash advance?

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