Earn 5000 Miles Per One Day Car Rental

Back in 2008 I was earning 9999 Delta miles per one day car rental. That same year Mrp alert who shares a birthday with me earned 100,000 miles in 45 days renting cars.

Those days are long gone but Frequent Flyer Bonuses points out that Star Alliance program SAS EuroBonus is offering 5000 points per one day Hertz rental.

Key details:

  • Book by June 30
  • Rent through September 30
  • In addition the “first 25 bookings receive an amazing 25,000 EuroBonus points” in addition to the 5000 miles earning. (No indication whether that’s already exhausted.)
  • Bookings must be made on the promotion page using discount CDP code 736686 and promotion PC code 203592
  • All bookings made this was include theft and collision damage waiver

One Mile at a Time suggested one day rentals in Tampa for less than $23 all-in, and notes that 100,000 SAS EuroBonus miles will get you an SAS business class roundtrip between the US and Europe.

The challenge of course is that SAS doesn’t have huge earning opportunities for US-based members, though EuroBonus is a Diners Club transfer partner.

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  1. Interesting offer I’d say the biggest negative (which you left out of the terms you quote above) is the points seemingly won’t post until October, 2017 after the offer is over. So unless that is incorrect you will be taking a big risk on if and what points post. This is very tempting as a location near me has a decent rate and it would be trivial to do a number of back to back rentals but not knowing if the points are going to post is a big negative to me doing this on speculation.

  2. There is a location in my area that has cars starting under $24 after taxes and fees. This is a no brainer.

  3. Recognizing this is all theory, if I rent 2 separate cars on the same day should that count as 2 separate rentals (10,000)?

    What about a single rental from 2 separate locations?

    I have very little familiarity with how these things work so even though it’s all theoretical I’m sure others would know better how that would work in theory.

  4. Both Hertz [who are awarding the miles] and SAS are long established companies. Why do you “secstate” think that Hertz may not award the miles?

  5. @Hershel

    I have played these games for a while. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Any number of issues could occur here including 1). You have to get the Hertz rental folks to enter your SAS number correctly when you pickup the car this might be simple or not I have no experience but if they mess up you might get no points. 2). Lots of folks could jump on this costing the companies more than they expect and they could potentially find away to weasel out (see recent British Airways Avios Match.com/eHarmony debacle and they are all long established companies too). 3). Hertz may have issues where they don’t post the points to the airline program (there seem to be a fair number of reported instances of this).

    Also personally for me I generate a lot of points via other methods that have proven reliable so do I shift my time to this or stay with more reliable methods.

    Honestly this could all work smooth as silk or it could all go pear shaped. I don’t think these companies are actively out to mess with anyone but my experience with these sort of deals is they often don’t go smoothly and the odds of them not going smoothly go up the more they are posted on the blogs. Not complaining about that because I would never have heard about in the first place but once something is plastered across multiple blogs I tend to take a more cautious view.

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