Earn Miles for Free Insurance Quotes

Whether it’s kickbacks for online shopping, or taking a slice back from your own real estate transactions, where there’s money involved there’s usually someone willing to pay to attract the transaction, just like payment for order flow in stock market transactions.

And when your transaction has value to someone else, you want to either get a discount or a rebate for it. Whomever is taking value from your transaction, where there’s a competitive marketplace, will probably compete for the business.

When talking about hundreds of thousands of miles for real estate I flagged that you can get discounts on commissions from brokers, or rebates, including in the form of miles.

Growing up my family did move several times, and each time when a deal was close to done I remember insisting that the broker make up the final difference in price between buyer and seller out of their own commission. They were close enough to a sale, all they wanted was the sale, they’d take less in their own pocket of course rather than possibly winding up with zero.

The same principle applies to insurance, just as it does to shopping, real estate, and stocks.

One of the most bid-for sets of keywords in search engines centers around insurance. These are valuable transactions, and people searching for insurance are to a great approximation buyers. People rarely search for insurance for entertainment value, and want to make their transaction and put it behind them. So insurance keywords convert.

It’s no surprise then that insurance providers have, for years, been willing to incentivize you to search them for pricing.

Free Frequent Flyer Miles is a great repository of links to mileage offers, and they list several small miles for insurance quote offers. For instance,

  • 21st Century Auto Insurance: 200 US Airways miles for a quote, and 2000 points for switching.
  • Liberty Mutual: 1500 Hilton HHonors points for a home or auto insurance quote (not available to residents of Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, or Utah).
  • Farmers Insurance: 500 Hawaiianmiles for a quote plus 125 miles per month for 12 months when you take a policy and make recurring credit card payments.

The only thing about these points for insurance quote offers, is that I never give my social security number unless I’ve been assured through others’ experience that there’s no hard pull of my credit. There usually isn’t. But credit scores (and insurance-specific scores) can play a role in pricing, and a small number of miles aren’t worth a hard pull.

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  1. Have you (or has anyone) actually gotten free miles for just a quote? The past times I’ve seen things like this, it always seems to “not work” unless I would go through with a conversion (rather than just a quote)

  2. Liberty Mutual HHonors offer did not ask for SSN or DL #, but they figured out my current insurance limits and the car I drive based on my name and address. We’ll see if they post the HH points without a conversion.

  3. I did the Liberty Mutual quote months ago and never got the promised Hilton points.

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