Here’s a Fireworks Display Worth Going to Prison For

Drones can be used to target and kill Americans (and also ‘other’ people, because ‘Merica.).

Drones can also be used to deliver tacos.

And they can be used to take amazing video of fireworks displays.

This went up on Youtube a couple of months ago, it wasn’t from last night’s fireworks. But it’s gotten a ton of play over the past 36 hours.

The video was taken using a DJI Phantom 2 drone and filmed with a GoPro Hero 3 camera.

Here’s a professor arguing that the drone filming fireworks was illegal. I’d contend, however, that juries ought to nullify based on ‘coolness.’

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  1. Hey… when did we stop calling then remote controlled aircraft (RC) and start calling them “drones”? Just sayin…

  2. Very awesome. So who is going to do it next with dual cameras for 3D :). I like when he goes around a firework in an arch so you get as much 3D feeling as possible though.

  3. Thanks for the video of the fireworks. My husband and I got married on the 4th. Where did this display take place; do you know?

  4. Agree with Patrick. This video was not taken by a low humming sound or a male bee.

  5. Exactly…when did this rampant overuse and misuse of the term “drone” begin? It’s a loaded word, meant to have shock value, though both sides want it to conjure up different things…

  6. GoPro uses computer bots to register views on YouTube, and in doing so—–with one product—-got an IPO that now collapsed. What great crime occurs in lawless ObamaWorld, if you ask me.

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