Earn Money Delivering Lost Luggage for Delta

There’s an old saying that the only two kinds of luggage are carry on and lost.

Oh sure the guy who checked a can of beer as his only luggage had the beer can waiting for him at baggage claim. (Not so for the deoderant a reader tried to check.)

Increasingly airlines are using technology to track bags, prevent loss, and even let you monitor your luggage throughout their journey. That doesn’t mean they’ll be handled with care by staff, and it still doesn’t mean the bags will always make it.

One of the most frustrating parts of losing luggage is waiting to have your bags delivered. It’s not fair to have to make a return trip to the airport, you may be nowhere near the airport. But relying on the airline for that ‘last mile’ getting bags reunited with their owners is tough, it’s hard to know when they’ll ever turn up once they’re handed over to a local delivery service.

In the meantime wear whatever you’ve got or make a claim with the credit card company you used to buy your tickets (provided your card has delayed baggage coverage) so that the expenses you need to incur while your bags are gone can be covered.

Delta is taking a new stab at reuniting lost bags with their owners by leveraging the new gig economy. You can sign up with Roadie and deliver lost luggage for Delta!

Luggage delivery drivers can make anywhere from $8 to $50 for local deliveries and up to $650 (!) for long-haul oversize bag drop-offs.

This actually seems like a pretty decent gig for someone that’s already traveling, already at the airport. If you have time to kill on arrival fire up the app while at baggage claim and see if you can pick up some cash on your way into town from the airport.

My all-time favorite here’s the singer from Puddle of Mudd riding the baggage carousel in Denver.

(HT: Rob F.)

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  1. Looks as though that piece of garbage and his luggage got a VIP shuttle out of the airport.

  2. Oh good, now one more person to rifle through my belongings before I get them back. I almost welcome a return trip to the airport just to avoid someone digging in my business…

    Sure, this sounds like a great idea…until you have to use it. Then it’s like any other Uber/Lyft ride I’ve taken in the back of a dirty car, trusting some random weirdo to safely drive me somewhere. Where will this ‘sharing’ madness end???

  3. Are these delivery people insured/bonded? Delta is just going to turn over my lost bag to someone who signed up online to make extra cash? This seems like a very bad idea to me.

  4. Alaska Airlines lost our bag last year and offered to delivered the bag the next day or if we picked up the bag at he airport they would give us a $150 credit. In addition, they also gave us $50 credit for losing the bag. The $200 came in handy for our next flight.

  5. Just arrived home using an Uber. In 30 some trips, never had a “weirdo,” never had a dirty car. In fact, the opposite.

  6. I’m thinking of delivering luggage for some extra cash. I have no intention of sifting through the clean or dirty laundry in your bag. In fact I’ll wear gloves because I dont want contact with all the germs on your bag. Some of us are honest people. Stop being so negative— what do YOU have that I [we] would want to use AFTER you?

  7. I would like to become a driver for lost luggage claims. Can you guide me in the right direction.

  8. Yeah… it’s inconvenient…. but then, most of LIFE is inconvenient….and you get OVER IT. REMEMBER to TIP those drivers! These ppl are subcontractors and have no little or nothing other than getting the ticket to DELIVER your stuff. They don’t belong to the airlines…work on per piece (doing what you don’t WANT to do… go back to the airport and find where to pick it up! Right? You may need them in the future? I don’t know for sure, seems reasonable to me to think that since the AIRLINES like to OVERBOOK…their seats, that’s their TARGET, “INCOME”, your luggage not so much.. that’ll come on the next plane…. want to help break them of this nasty BIG habit? HIT them in the purse, make sure they compensate you, not just with the deliver! but the CASH-OLA, they are required to pay you for things like PJs Toothbrush, razors… you don’t have to tell them you’re going “home”, you could be going to visit a sick relative!! They are not concerned with that, they are concerned with getting you back as a customer on their airlines NEXT TIME…. so they will reimburse you! DON’T forget to tip the driver/courier! If nothing else, his GAS/TOLLS to and from your house.

  9. There is a risk with everything unfortunately. If a courier delivers your luggage, you could be the weirdo and rob or attack the courier. We each have a responsibility to deliver and receive, the driver prays that the baggage owner isn’t rude or too cheap to tip, With gas prices and auto repairs, please be kind and thoughtful when she or he arrives.

    We can all have a piece of the pie if we cooperate with one another.

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