Elite Frequent Flyers Can Stack Hotel Discounts for Big Savings

Back in June I wrote about Hotelied, a new site that offers you hotel discounts based on your social media profile.

Interesting, pretty niche, but the folks there reached out to me to talk about what they’re doing and it turns out that some of their hotel discounts are available more broadly than I would have thought, and some of the deals are better than I thought. It isn’t just about social media influence, they targeted elite members of frequent flyer programs and also people working in specific industries.

They match you to discounts you’re eligible for based on your profile, they don’t share your profile with the hotel. (I would hope that participating hotels would go out of their way to treat guests booked through this site well though, as that’s precisely what they’d want to do if they’re paying the site for influential bookings.)

And they’ve offered a stackable promotion code as well.

How the Discounts Work

Hotelied says they’ve signed over 300 hotels, with 100 currently offering discounts. This isn’t going to be your one-stop booking site. So they have to make it worth your while with savings, they report an average savings per booking of $275.

When you sign up for the site they ask you to link social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And they ask you to link some hotel and airline accounts. Each linkage is optional, but may make various discounts available.

They target several different kinds of discounts:

  • Some discounts are open to all registered members of the site
  • Some are for ‘social media influencers’
  • There will be hotels that structure different deals for different profiles, like a discount for everyone on a 2+ night stay but a disccount available to frequent flyer elites regardless of length of stay.

Some are more granular than that, for instance whether the discounts are for first-tier or top-tier elites. But many are more general, just being a member of a loyalty program may be enough for a given hotel’s offer.

The thinking here is that loyalty program members travel more and the hotel wants the business, although they may be willing to spend more marketing dollars for very frequent travelers.

The best jobs for big discounts sound like finance, media, and technology.

Social media discounts may also require just having active social media accounts, rather than being some kind of social media star (discounts may be available if you have a few hundred friends or followers.

Stack the Discounts With a Coupon!

To encourage readers to try the site, they offered promo code VIEW100 good for $100 off a stay of 3 nights or more, stackable with the discounts they’re already offering.

Real Savings Examples

I think the site has an unfortunate name — it’s too close to hotel lied — but the site name isn’t nearly as important as the discounts. For instance the Public Hotel in Chicago has a legit $350 plus tax savings on a 3-night stay.

Here’s Kayak with a total price of $1159.

Here’s Hotelied with a total of $753 for the same stay.

Of course this stay would be eligible for the $100 promo code discount as well.

Let’s take a look at another: two nights at the Line Hotel in Los Angeles prices at $507 all-in on Kayak.

And it’s $380 at Hotelied.

A 2-night stay at the Gild Hotel in New York is $670 on Kayak.

And it’s $524 at Hotelied.

Sadly these aren’t “publicly available rates” you can use against a chain’s Best Rate Guarantee!

For avoidance of doubt I have not accepted any hotel discounts through Hotelied, and I do not receive anything if you use my discount code for the site. It just seemed worth passing along since some readers will get hotels for less than they otherwise would have paid.

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  1. Of course you’re going to get a really good deal based on your social media + travel influence.

    Not particularly convincing — I’m sure if you contacted the hotel directly they’d give it to you for free. The rest of us wouldn’t get that.

    Also, remember that average savings per booking is like average amount saved by switching insurance. Only the people who see a significant savings are going to book there. So it’s an extremely misleading number.

  2. One more thing worth pointing out:

    They’re targeting frequent travellers – specifically those who care enough to earn elite status with loyalty programs. But these are the same people who usually prefer brand hotels with which they hold elite status and earn points. And I can only assume, since it was not explained in the post, that booking through the badly-named Hotelied will earn no credit with hotels loyalty programs.

    I don’t know any 50+ nights/year traveller that would regularly book nights through 3rd party sites or even bother to compare them. A frequent traveller searching rates on 3rd party sites (through aggregators, not one by one) is usually doing it to find a BRG opportunity – but Hotelied, as stated, is no good for that either.

    So… the idea of targeted discounts for frequent travellers and social media fans is good in and of it self but I don’t think this site is the way to do it. I feel it was created by people who understand the power of social media – not by frequent travellers.

  3. Agree with Walker!
    Also sounds like star f*cking to stalk people via social media – SO I generation, influenced by people’s social media status. How sad! (I oh I’ve got 3000 “friends” on facebook and Twitter – yeah but have you MET any of them? Ooh I got 5000 “likes” on my last tweet! That means I’m popular and therefore a real person!)
    Biggest irony is that truly big socially “famous” people don’t have any need of such ass kissing sites and apps as hotels etc already kiss their ass, so it’s really aimed at the sad wannabes !

  4. Looking at this differently – I’m not sure hotels care whether a social media buff has met their 5,000 friends or not. Hotels will still welcome exposure to this group through posts from an avid social media user. I also believe some frequent travellers may want to branch out of the chain hotel brands at times – and when traveling in some destinations they have no choice. It’s nice to know their chain points will at least help them get something special at an independent hotel. My two bits.

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