Elizabeth Warren Flew Out of the Most Notorious Gate in America

Elizabeth Warren flew out of the notorious gate 35X at Washington National airport on Thursday evening, taking American’s once-daily flight AA5017 to Charleston, West Virginia. That’s appropriately a single cabin 50 seat regional jet operated by PSA Airlines. And it was delayed an hour and 45 minutes.

Before heading down into the Gate 35X she got extra cheese on her &pizza. She then stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced black tea.

For the uninitiated you take an escalator down to a holding area with a lack of seating and several doors (sub-gates) where you wait to board a bus that “makes a slow, winding journey across the airport to your plane.”

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was also in the gate 35X holding area, headed to Akron, and so was former Trump attorney Ty Cobb.

This gate is the great democratizer. Everyone suffers equally. Whether you’re the son of a billionaire President or you have the unlimited resources of the federal government at your disposal, you’re still stuck in a dark, dingy holding pen before queuing up for a interminable standing bus ride to a cramped metal tub. Donald Trump, Jr. and Robert Mueller were spotted here together last summer.

Senator Warren boarded the bus and held on with one hand, holding her tea in the other. She was accompanied by two staffers. Onboard she talked up her proposed opoid bill which takes aim at medical producers.

Fortunately for all Americans, the airport’s ‘Project Journey’ includes putting gate 35X out of its misery and American plans to operate larger regional jets once it does.

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  1. Must be a big pow wow in Charleston. Does American accept wampum as a form of payment?

  2. This gate always reminds me of the AA bus to the EAAgles Nest at LAX for some reason. Air travel is always fun.

  3. Taken the flight quite often. Even CRW is nicer than 35X. But that direct flight at night seems to be late all too often.

  4. Wow. I laughed reading this article because I saw a headline about this. All I could think of 35X…
    I didn’t laugh at Rjb’s “comment”. I don’t care for the Senator nor do I agree with most anything she says, but my God…raw racial bigotry. Sad.

  5. Come on, Gary. This isn’t an interesting article, and now the comments are just going to fill up with trolls.

  6. The only time I ever want to read a detailed description about Pocahontas at the airport is when she was actually run over by the catering truck or maybe sucked into the Injun of a 777-300.

  7. Thanks, @John, for your comment against bigotry and stupidity. And how pathetic, @Kevin, that you’ve demonstrated your own.

  8. What a Big Deal! This is such important news for all frequent flyers to be aware of! I’m sure grateful to have subscribed to this travel blog. Can’t wait for the news on the next politico-celeb to be posted!

  9. why was this written? There was terrible weather last night so flights were delayed here in DC. Yes, that gate isnt pleasant, but delays happen everywhere in the world, and in many places people take buses to and from planes. I flew into Heathrow in March on Virgin Atlantic and had to take a bus in to the gate. Europe it’s common place to take buses, south america, asia, etc. Why did you waste your time writing this? I’m very confused. I also saw this on CNN.com. Is it just a slow news day or something? THOUSANDS of people fly from that gate 35X every day. what’s the story here?

  10. Love how snowflake liberals stand on the sidelines while fakers like Sen Warren spew BS but are quick to label others racists and bigots when the BS is called out

  11. Using redface to scam benefits and accelerate your career at the expense of actual Native Americans

    Liberals: Stunning and brave

    Making fun of someone who did the above:


  12. @kevin…… do you call a gay guy a FAG also? Do you call your mother a BAREFOOT BABY MAKER BATCH? So why are you calling a women? a disrespectful name? Regardless of your pollical views THAT IS RUDE! LOW CLASS. So on Sunday ask your mother to get out the Dial Soap and use it.

  13. @Dillon,
    1. Though I don’t typically, I am gay, so I’m totally allowed.
    2. Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a “barefoot baby marker batch”?!
    3. Are you asking why I’m calling Warren Pocahontas? as I’m not unable to decipher your ghastly attempt at English, which apparently is not your native tongue – but her defrauding of benefits earmarked for Native Americans, earned her the title.
    4. Proud Gay Republican.
    5. Mother died in 2004.

    Anything else snowflake?

  14. @ A_B

    My thoughts exactly!!!

    @ Dillion

    look in the mirror when you say “RUDE! LOW CLASS”

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