Elizabeth Warren vs. Hertz. Hertz Wins. And That’s Saying Something.

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  1. Why does your image show the port side wing and not the starboard wing. Are you a left wing news source…..

  2. @Austin
    The morons you refer to are so far up tRumps backside that they can’t see the light at the end of their brown tunnel.

  3. @SeanNY2

    LOL if you think companies are in the game to help you rather than line their profits, you know nothing about capitalism buddy. 🙂

  4. Warren forgot that companies don’t exist to serve her but to make profit for their owners.

    She could have brought up the pattern of Hertz falsely reporting a rental as stolen or talked about civil asset forfeiture. Warren is an example of why democracy is dangerous and no better than a dictatorship. If the majority are crazy, that’s the result. We are stupid for saying we support democracy.

  5. Face-as-boarding pass is a bad bad idea.

    You can change your password. You can get a new credit card. You can even get a new Soc Sec number if there’s been fraud. But you can not get a new face.

    Once you give your face to Delta (or whomever) you’ve lost control. They are free to monetize your face. There is a thriving market in biometrics as different providers race to build their portfolio of known faces.

    Large retailers already have the capability to track your phone via Bluetooth to determine who you are, where you “dwell”, what aisles you frequent. I know Nordstrom does this because I helped un-break their deployment.

    Next up is live, real-time ID of you as you enter and move through a store.

    And to give up your face for perceived faster boarding? It’s an exchange that is a one-way permanent transfer of value.

  6. Hey Elizabeth Warren, go back to complaining that you were assigned Caucasian at birth and associating as Cherokee.

  7. It saddens me that so many on here jump all over Warren who has fought for people not getting screwed by companies all her life. I guess the people commenting here against her are all millionaire stockholders of the companies involved. If not, why do people vote and act against their own economic interests? What’s wrong with Kansas indeed!

  8. Anything Elizabeth Warren says or does is usually self serving .and questionable. Although I do think the corporate world has taken advantage of the “pandemic” so has the whole Democratic Party. They are disgusting snakes preying on those that cannot make reasonable judgments based on fact and reasonable outcome. Disgusting.

  9. @Jorge

    If Warren really wants to make a difference, perhaps she should quit her job in the Senate and establish a bank, grocery store, food company, or rental car company and run them consistent with the expectations she has of them.

    She would not last a week.

  10. Lizzy must have run out of native american claims like
    a] being native american
    b] knowing Harvard listed her as a minority hire
    c] listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory for law professors from 1986 to 1995

    among all her other lies on the rest of her life

    just sayin

  11. Wiley Dog just wondering how long if would take some lib moron to mention Trump in the comments. Congratulations on making my point!

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