Emirates New First Class Update and Free AllCLEAR Identity Protection

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  1. If you’ve ever managed to sit through even a few minutes of Late Night with Seth Meyers then you know to believe very little on his show. He’s so jaded on his content that it’s unwatchable. So for some pseudo-celebrity to vent about Skymiles is most likely not worth watching at all.

  2. Am I the only person that finds it ironic or funny that Delta is “teaming with” AllClear to add protection for your identity while one of their main partnerships that has our biometric info is called CLEAR?

  3. This guy isn’t too funny or bright when it comes to topics related to loyalty
    He claims he got nominated for a Wedgie award
    Probably deserves it
    As for the TV host I am amazed he has a career at all

  4. So, signatures are going bye-bye. It is about time, as no one authenticates signatures anymore.

    But I am scratching my head over the no-need approach because of chip cards. Chip cards have been used world-wide for years, in conjunction with pin numbers. A chip card without entering a pin is worthless. A stolen chip card, without authentication is meaningless and can be used by anyone who steals it.

    Europeans haven’t used a signature in years. They always use chip and pin. Frankly, the canard that merchants have to change out store level machines is a total cop-out.

  5. Actually Europe has moved on from chip and PIN for small purchases – we now use contactless payment. If the amount to pay is under 30GBP (amount varies by country) you just tap the card on the reader. If it’s over 30, chip and PIN is used, same card.

    The bank has the ability to ask for a PIN even with contactless if it suspects there is fraud (based on its algorithms), in reality you are very rarely asked for it.

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