50,000 + 5000 Points for Chase Sapphire Preferred

Update: This offer on the main page for the Sapphire Preferred Card no longer comes up for me, I just get the 40,000 point offer. Others may have different experiences in the comments.

Chase now has a bonus of 50,000 points after $3000 spend within 3 months for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.

In addition, they are offering 5000 points for adding an authorized user to the card and making a purchase within 3 months.

This is not my referral link, no credit to me, but it is the best current offer for the card. Now we know what Chase is doing to generate some excitement around the Sapphire Preferred card!

Interestingly the annual fee is $0 the first year, and $125 after that. So the annual fee is $30 higher on this version of the offer than on the 40,000 bonus point offer I mentioned earlier.

I’m in between meetings but will no doubt have more to say on this in the days ahead. In the meantime though I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the best current offer.

Update 4:54pm Eastern the offer no longer comes up for me. It reverts to the 40k bonus and shows the $95 annual fee after the first year.

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  1. Wonder if this is a harbinger of higher annual fees on all CSP cards.

    Anyone know if there’s any industry precedent here — when the annual fee goes up for new applicants, are existing cardholders grandfathered into their original fee or will every cardholder need to pay the increased fee?

  2. @Scott – try refreshing or using a different browser, I’ve added a screen shot of the offer to the bottom of the post.

  3. @All – try using a private session browser. It works like that for me in Google Incognito, IE InPrivate, and Safari Private browsing (but not in the regular browser).

  4. so is the extra $30 a year in annual fee (after the first year is waived) worth the extra 10k bonus points? or if we apply for the 40k, will we be grandfathered into the $95 annual fee rate?

  5. Just applied for CSP last week (card hasn’t arrived yet). Also added an AU. any chance Chase will give us the 5K bonus for the AU or increase the bonus by 10K pts if I send them a private message or call them?

  6. Since the offer seems to be down, at least for most, I’m guessing it was either a mistake or a temporary test and wasn’t meant to be released broadly — so I would be surprised if they match to it.

  7. Not dead for me. I had to call to complete transaction and they confirmed the 50 + 5k over the phone to me.

  8. Getting the 50K offer in incognite mode, Gary any way you think we can sign up for the 50K offer than ask to reduce annual fee? I think $125 is a lot compared to $30 for the original 40K offer. Anyone thoughts on best way to approach this? Also how long do you think this link will be valid for?

  9. Ive had the CSP for 2 years, so I inquired @ customer service RE: 5,000 bonus points for adding an AU now. They said NoCanDo , “but here’s 3,000 points for inquiring” (“and thanks for choosing Chase”, of course).
    Thanks for the HeadsUp, Gary!

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