Extreme Vaccine Passports: Only Vaccinated Are Permitted To Flee Volcano Eruption

I’ve been traveling domestically, but international travel is harder right now – even to destinations that are accepting Americans.

  • What if I test positive before returning home, even a false positive?
  • Am I eligible to enter the country where I’ll be connecting, in case of a delayed flight or missed connection?
  • What if my flight has to divert and that country isn’t open?

It’s easy enough, given these risks, just to put off international travel. But what if you have few good alternatives?

The Caribbean island of St. Vincent is facing a disaster after the eruption of the La Soufrière volcano there which has been dormant since 1979. Residents in the north were evacuated. Cruise ships, with nowhere to go and no passengers to sail, positioned to take refugees to neighboring islands. But there was a problem, according to the Prime Minister: to enter neighboring islands they’d need to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

[P]eople have to be vaccinated before they board the cruise ship, Ralph Gonsalves, the prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, said at a press conference the day after the eruption.

“The chief medical officer would be identifying the persons already vaccinated so that we can get them on the ship,” Gonsalves said.

More than 16,000 people are being evacuated from the “red zones” – the parts of the island in most danger.

And by the way, not many people on St. Vincent have been vaccinated yet.

Much of the island was without water or power, and covered in volcanic ash. It is expected to be several months before those sent to St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua can return.

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  1. Weird, I though vaccine passports would be only used for equity and safety and not be a factor for discrimination.

  2. this, of course, has nothing to do with “vaccine passports” and everything to do with being vaccinated. A “vaccine passport” or perhaps a piece of paper filled in by medical professionals is what they need.

    The fact that few are vaccinated is the problem, not the method of proving it.

  3. We are sorry but you haven’t been vaccinated against a virus that kills 2% of people infected, now you must suffer on your island with no power no running water and ash filled air. Have a nice day

  4. Well, are all the adult age children immigrants from Central America we are taking in been vaccinated or are they being vaccinated here?

  5. Here is the choice:
    A. Possibly die from volcanic eruption.
    B. Possibly die from untested gene therapy vaccine, or actual J&J vaccine (now in pause due to resulting deaths)

    Seems like duress: get the vaccine or risk being a victim of a natural disaster. Option A maybe safer.

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