The Fantastic and Confusing Breakfast at Park Hyatt Maldives Untangled

Over the weekend I wrote about why I love the Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives enough that I’ve returned to the resort (on points) three times in three years.

One thing that’s changed since I first stay there is that breakfast is no longer complimentary for all guests redeeming points.

There’s been confusion over what this means, and questions since my trip report. So here’s clarification.

Breakfast is a benefit offered to everyone on a paid rate. And it’s offered to Gold Passport Diamond members. But it’s $30 per person for reward guests without Diamond status.

Here’s how the General Manager of the property explains breakfast:

Gold & Platinum passport members redeeming awards no longer have breakfast inclusion but have a special reduced Set breakfast rate of 30USD ++ .. Diamond Members now have a choice of either a set breakfast menu or a choice of up to three A ‘La Carte Breakfast items.

Several readers asked me questions about this and so I sought further detail.

  • Cash and points rates mean the guest is paying the hotel, do those get breakfast?
  • What about ‘buy ups’ to better rooms like pool villas and overwater villas?

Here’s what the hotel’s GM had to say:

Cash plus points is a type of award redeemed under program guidelines and therefore is handled as an award rate therefore breakfast is not included.

Likewise, a buy up to another category only covers the difference in room revenue between categories and not the breakfast credit. This is still an award stay and therefore, breakfast inclusion does not apply.

In summary whenever award points are used to redeem accommodation or part thereof the breakfast component will not be included except for the benefit for Diamond members as per the benefits previously advised.

Not as good an answer as if breakfast were included, but I do consider breakfast to be well worth the cost.

They’ll bring over a tower of appetizers — breads, fruit, and a local tuna dish.

And then you order off the menu. Most people won’t be able to eat more than three items which are in addition to the tower .

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  1. Egg Benedict is the best there when I stayed there still under Alila Villas Hadaha management

  2. If the Hyatt will not give breakfast with award stays, I’ll just stay at the Conrad.

    Gary- the menu says the tower is only included with the set breakfast.

  3. I’m surprised they did offer free breakfast before in the first place, so it’s not really a ‘Diamond’ benefit if everyone get’s it. Regardless, I find the Maldives are the most overrated tourist destination in the world.

  4. @Gary, so where is the outrage? How is the any different from how IHG granting guests on award stays zero benefits? You excoriate them for that, but don’t give any indication that you think this is a problem. I get that this may be the bare minimum required by the program terms (depending on your reading), but at the same time, it just seems really chintzy of the GM to impose a policy like this.

  5. Does the free breakfast for Hyatt diamond members apply to the room , ie both guests staying in the room get free breakfast ?

  6. Andrew- the IHG benefits only applies to those with status on pd stays. This case is FAR worse, they are giving free breakfast to every single person in the hotel EXCEPT those on award stays.

  7. Do you have any insight on any meal plans offered at the hotel? Either European or all-inclusive?

  8. @ Andrew C
    Don’t think there should be any outrage at all
    I think there is a big difference here between IHG and Hyatt
    First thing IHG has no property IMHO that can really compare
    And they aren’t denying anything to top tier elite members regardless of how they book
    And Gold Passport Platinum never had a breakfast benefit so how are they denying the benefit?
    This breakfast was a part of revenue room sales before the hotel became a Park Hyatt as part of a package
    They are simply carrying out the tradition with some minor changes to award bookings for folks that never had such a benefit anyway
    My two cents

    IHG where I was a Royal Ambassador denies even their top tier members in a number of cities benefits on award and treats them like Priceline customers or worse absurd
    No Comparison IMHO

  9. @Andrew I think I shared my concerns in a section on this in my trip report. But IHG doesn’t honor most elite benefits on award stays, here this property does honor elite benefits. It’s regular guests who get less than paying guests on points (so different situation) and is something I was clear on in my thinking in the post about the property. This is just an update with more detail.

  10. @John – the menus themselves are reproduced in my trip report on the property and the breakfast menu has no rpices as it’s included for paid night guests and diamonds, and a set price for other award guests

  11. @john – they generally bring out the tower before you place your order for what you’ll be eating, at least they did for me since i tend to order coffee and not the rest of breakfast right away.

  12. Gary,

    Do you know exactly what is included in the “set breakfast” that platinum members can purchase for $30++? TIA.

  13. @JN see my trip report on the property, I reproduce breakfast menus. A set breakfast is going to be hot beverage, juice, the tower of fruit/breads/tuna roshi and then your choice of set menus with 3 items each (although you shouldn’t have any difficulty substituting).

  14. You say it’s $30 per person but then you proceed with quoting USD30++, which is not $30.

    What’s the REAL price, that is the one once all the plusses are factored in?

  15. I was there on a diamond trial in April and thankfully the pricey breakfast was included (as well as a complimentary pool villa upgrade). Keep in mind that $30 breakfast is really $35.64 with the included service charges and taxes. So you’re paying over $70 USD per couple for breakfast.

    If you take a behind-the-scenes tour on your last day, you’ll appreciate more of the great lengths that is required to provide a paradise in such a remote and isolated island. Still, the costs were hard to swallow.

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