Fecal Fiasco: Flight To London Cancelled After Passenger Went Poo In The Wrong Place

An easyJet flight from Tenerife, Spain to London’s Gatwick airport was cancelled on Sunday night after a toilet incident. Passengers and crew discovered someone had gone number two on the lavatory floor.

Flight 8054 had already gone from bad to worse. It was delayed over three hours when passengers had
to be moved from one aircraft to another. A smaller second plane meant that the sold out flight was overbooked, and easyJet was offering 500 euro vouchers for anyone that would volunteer to take a later flight. Everyone would later find themselves on a later flight.

Already sitting on the ultra low cost carrier longer than anyone would want to, a flight attendant announced that it was “rather entertaining to defecate the front toilet so we’re now staying the night here. We’re now going to get everyone off and organize hotels. Then we’ll fly back tomorrow morning.”

Only they didn’t organize hotels. The airline said that,

Due to extremely high demand, unfortunately, we’re unable to find hotel rooms in the area.

Instead they offered to reimburse anyone that could find their own lodging.

If you need a hotel room and are able to make your own arrangements, we’ll refund the cost of a reasonably priced room, meals and travel costs to and from your hotel.

In this case we ask that you look for accommodation which is about three stars or equivalent.

A ‘three star’ in Europe isn’t the same thing as in the United States. Expect a small room with private bathroom that offers soap and shampoo. That’s about it.

Eventually passengers were flown out on an extra section that easyJet operated on Monday, flight 9954 which departed at 4:15 p.m. and arrived at London Gatwick at 8:15 p.m.

It was only last month when a flight attendant on an easyJet flight opened the lavatory door to expose two passengers in congress. You never know what you’ll find in an easyJet lavatory.

Meanwhile last month a Delta flight made worldwide news for diarrhea all the way through the cabin of an Airbus A350. So it isn’t just ultra low cost carriers whose passengers can’t make it all the way into the toilet when they have to go. Sometimes it’s even the pilot.

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  1. Why on earth would anyone expect a low budget airline to furnish anything better than a budget hotel? In Europe, the star ratings do not have to do with quality, they are for what facilities and services such as a restaurant or gym that the hotel has. A 2 star hotel can be downright elegant.

  2. So now whole flights are canceled because no one knows how to swab out a toilet? I think that there must be a lot of idiots running the show. How about offering serious money for someone to do it if the safety officers cannot.

  3. Weird. Half your posts seem to fall into the category “Most disgusting stories in travel you really don’t want to know about”. Never would have thought that would bring in the clicks. Weird.

  4. Fecal Fiasco: Flight To London Cancelled After Canine-identifying Trans-species Passenger Went Poo In The Wrong Place

    Hired as media influencer for Butt Lite.

  5. Snickers chocolate bar in the pool or on the plane floor? Seen neither in-person, but I have seen the residual “damage” of explosive diarrhea when opening the door or some plane lavatories. My guess is that it explains in part why airplane passenger seats may have as high a fecal bacteria count as movie theater seats.

  6. EasyJet is the worse airline I have ever flown, and I have been on flights that had turkeys with their legs tied together as checked baggage.

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