Flight Attendant Declares Fake Gucci Bags Have To Go Underneath The Seat

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  1. If you take a DFW-KOA flight in economy, this would be about an experience you get if you not take a bag of pretzels and a drink. Should we expect more food service after May 11 on AA?

  2. Doug Parker…what a virtual signaling twit. Coincidentally, I fast while aboard every American Airlines flight.

  3. My next virtue signaling performance will be to empathize with female employees by peeing only while seated for the next 72 hours. (Note: I will not be required to do this if I fly during this time, as the toilet seats on my airline can be a bit gross at times.)

  4. @ CHRIS – I am no fan of Doug Parker, but this was an empathetic gesture that should be encouraged. But you’d rather make it about yourself. Hmmm … who does that remind me of?

  5. @SomeDutchGuy — oh I know! TRUMP!!!!!

    Get some better jokes dumb ASS

    @CHRIS knows where it’s at. Last time I ate the fruit and cheese plate in AA F I had diarrhea, explosive

  6. I’m hoping Doug Parker has stuck to abstaining from driving drunk. Is staying off the drunk driving bandwagon “virtue-signaling”? Better to be virtue-signaling than to be signaling the opposite of virtue.

  7. I don’t drink on those days when I’m empathizing with my Mormon employees.

  8. And I don’t drive when I’m showing respect to the Mennonite team members.

  9. Doug Parker is the definition of cancer. Pandering to a religious group that is not your own is the lowest one can go. I doubt Parker would stand up for whites/Christians/conservatives/freedom lovers because it doesn’t endear him to extremist leftist groups and causes.

  10. Ahh….now I get it. The pregnant woman denied water on AA was made to fast with Dougie.

    Think he would put up a Christmas tree at Christmas if Christians asked him to join in their celebration?

  11. @Chris, well you should its an airplane not a restaurant. It is suppose to get you from point A to point B safely ; that is it !

  12. I’m also so awesome that I also only ate chicken feet during Chinese New Year, don’t want to lose those sweet DFW HKG routes…

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