Southwest Passengers Broke Out In Dance On The Jet Bridge – And The Crew Joined In

Passengers broke out in dance on the jet bridge of a Southwest Airlines flight and “got the pilot and the attendant to dance” too. The video has been viewed nearly a million times since yesterday and commenters seem to love most that the pilot, who didn’t know the moves, tried his best to step into it.


Ayeee we got the pilot and the attendant to dance with us 🔥🔥 @flysouthwest ( Dc me) #ronyboyy #viral #themobdance #fyp

♬ Esco Like Yhop ft. Shawn P – Èsco Upp🗣

On the return trip home this group hit the airport dance floor while waiting for their flight, too.


You already know we had to hit the dance at the airport back home 🔥🔥 (Dc me) // 📸 @wtdesignnproduction follow him ‼️‼️#ronyboyy #viral #airport

♬ Esco Like Yhop ft. Shawn P – Èsco Upp🗣

(HT: Johnny Jet)

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  1. Flight Attendant “won” but showed lack of professionalism and further lowered SWA’S stature.

  2. This is great to see. Kudos to the pilot and attendent. Too many of them are too stuffy these days. Good to see a little joy and fun.

  3. Was this before or after the announcement to social distance in the jetway?

  4. Good to know that pilots at Southwest Airlines facing the potential of layoffs keep practicing for their second gig at Chippendales or any of the Texas Road House restaurants.

  5. No airline pilot will be unemployed..there is the biggest pilot shortage in history right now..good for southwest

  6. Where is the video? Did someone pulled it out? I thought it would be nice to see some lighthearted crews considering the stressful situation they go through daily, as well as the traveling passengers.
    I wish I would have seen it.

  7. I flew on American and went along with the mask mandate. I was about an inch from the person in the next seat, and could smell her breath even though our masks. The masks do not do any good.
    As we left the plane, we were asked to leave row by row (to distance), even though we’d been packed like sardines for hours.
    The masks and ‘distancing’ on planes is hypocritical.

  8. “Jobless New Yorker, 28, is charged with punching flight attendant and trying to rip off her dress ‘after lashing out at staff for refusing to pick up her garbage’ on Miami-to-JFK flight”
    UA_jon has been missing, coincidence?

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