Flight Attendant Takes Off Uniform, Works In Jeans

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  1. @ Gary — The picture could be anyone with a trash bag. Face? If it is an FA, perhaps they spilled something in their lap.

  2. @Gene: You are absolutely correct.

    According to Leff, a photo of an unidentified person in jeans is supposed to be evidence of some sort of failure on the part of the airline. The total lack of context regarding the photo is more evidence that Leff is obsessed with bashing American, rather than objectively pointing out legitimate customer service concerns. This speaks more about Gary Leff than about American Airline.

  3. But…..if true did any of us NOT guess the airline.

    At AA, FAs literally do whatever the f7$)6 they want.

  4. I wouldn’t worry too much about the federal government being distracted too much. First off, they haven’t caught any terrorists at airports. Second, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if two people check 21 suitcases between them, it might be worth a quick look. Not sure how they thought that would turn out?

  5. Because they’re women, Uncle Sam might let them off allegedly and just allegedly keep their fake good. The system really wants “the man,” and allegedly let the woman go free.

  6. When airsick passengers vomit on American Airlines flight attendants, it is good to know that friendly crew members have the latitude to change out of their puke-covered uniform into something less contaminated. Out-of-uniform trash pickup is one more example of a flight crew member doing what it takes to provide customer service excellence with continuous continuity of service after being drenched with barf. Exceptional customer service is why I choose to continue to fly on American Airlines.

  7. @DNN: Fortunately, pukey passengers flying on American Airlines are a rarity. Perhaps this is why you usually see AA flight attendants properly dressed in their uniforms. Instead, I think many unwell passengers choose to fly on Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, or Allegiant Airlines departing from Las Vegas or Florida, especially after returning from their school Spring break or a holiday vacation.

  8. I guess it’s too much to expect that an explanation of WHY would accompany this article. Oh, right, that would take all the fun out of it for the trolls.

  9. I was working this flight , a PAX had thrown up and was puking blood, it got all over this FA so he needed to get out of them , and the lady SAMANTHA in the tweet calling the airline ghetto trash …LOOK IN THE MIRROR !

  10. Funny..how clueless people are…that crew could have been a deadhead crew just wanting to assist.folks should mind their own business and not knock someone they know nothing about their situation.

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