NASA Director: UFOs Are Real And May Be Aliens

When President Obama became President the first thing he asked about was UFOs. Because if you’re the President you can finally learn what’s inside Area 51. And Obama thinks UFOs are real.

Now the Director of NASA, former Senator Bill Nelson, says we don’t have any idea what UFOs are but something is out there – and that aliens is probably a better outcome for us than some sort of stealth technology held by an adversary on earth.

American Airlines confirmed its pilots reported a UFO sighting this year. But pilots have been reporting UFOs since 1948.

  • Two Eastern Airlines DC-3 pilots saw a cigar-shaped light that sped towards them, made abrupt turns impossible for aircraft at the time, and then vanished.

  • Another pilot in a different aircraft and other witnesses reported the same phenomenon at the same time.

Here’s Naval footage that appears to be a UFO.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the government has been hiding details of UFOs for years. Former CIA Director John Brennan thinks there may be life on other planets too. December’s Covid-19 relief bill included a directive to the Pentagon and intelligence agencies to share what they know about UFOs and it turns out they’re stumped. However people with the highest of security clearances think there’s something out there.

‘Something’ of course doesn’t necessarily mean extraterrestrial in origin. I don’t believe there are extraterrestrial beings that have visited earth, in the sense that there’s greater than 50% likelihood that this is true. However recently-declassified photos, and statements from government leaders with access to highly classified material suggesting they believe there’s something to UFOs, certainly raises my estimate that this is true from negligible to non-negligible. And in the past couple of years I’ve raised my personal estimate from zero to 1% to perhaps 5%.

It’s possible that there aren’t beings from outer space, that if there are we’ll never find them, that they’ve probed us and are avoiding contact (prime directive?) or even that it’s actually future human societies traveling back in time (or else, why be so interested in earth over everything else that’s out there?).

Or just that over time that we’ve been watching, with so many people in the world and so much time, eventually we see outlier phenomenon we can’t explain and it’s just… phenomenon we can’t explain. And just because we can’t explain it doesn’t make it alien.

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  1. Gary, you are so conservative LOL!
    There was that one incident years ago when UFO’s flew close to a nuclear missile base and the systems to fire them stopped working. Maybe they are here to keep us from blowing up the world.
    I bet Trump is an alien. That’s explains his inability to control his brain and his body LOL.

  2. “Unidentified” means just that, and could be anything. Personally I’d love for it to be space aliens but given the speed of light limit and all the other issues I doubt it. As a pilot, ham radio operator and someone who occasionally teaches college science courses I know there is an awful lot we don’t know about how even the atmosphere works. Some hoaxes are pretty good, like that fake Loch Ness Monster picture which is still circulating. And many years ago the great scientist Enrico Fermi noted that since the universe was so old there was plenty of time for aliens to slowly spread everywhere…so where are they?

    On the other hand…UFO sightings go back at least to mysterious “airships” in the 1890s. And I knew a couple who would sometimes see “triangles” in the sky over the woods by their house. Their background–flying, radio, science–is very similar to mine and they weren’t kidding. It would happen on nights when there was no moon and a cold front had just passed. These things would congregate over power lines and once when they got close one of them chased their car away. But, he saw it point up and she saw it point down. Hallucination? Natural phenomena? One of them? Who knows?

  3. Nothing better to do today Gary?

    1) It’s NASA Administrator Nelson not “NASA Director”

    2) Those of us that actually work in the US aerospace industry know to take Nelson’s statements with a huge grain of salt – he’s a figurehead. And the person asking the questions clearly has no clue what he’s talking about.

    3) These UAPs are drones, US drones. And in some cases Russian and Chinese drones. There was a Pentagon report from which some details were released several months ago that confirmed as much.

  4. Well of course there’s something ‘out there’ and eventually the world’s people will know what is. I am super curious, but doubt that ‘they’ will reveal themselves in my lifetime. I’ll have to hope for reincarnation so I can be present when ‘they’ appear.

  5. I do believe in UFO’s. I’m unsure about aliens. I highly doubt aliens exist. But from my personal experience, I do know GUARANTEED for SURE that “paranormal activity” is REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think they are humans from the future coming back to try to understand how screwed up the world was back in the 21st century.

  7. Ask William Shatner. If aliens are real, there would have to be some kind of females, and chances are Kirk has already hit on them.

  8. Funny that we are more afraid of each other than the “aliens”.
    Will make it easier for the aliens to divide us just like the ruling class does today.

  9. Not remotely sure what this has to do with travel but whatever. Anything is possible I suppose in terms of aliens visiting the planet it could happen but I wouldn’t really count on it. There is nothing shocking about someone claiming there may be life on some other planet in the universe. Given the size of the universe and the number of planets I think it would be pretty stupid and arrogant for somebody to suggest that earth is the only planet with advanced life. Not really sure how “advanced” we are anyway.

  10. The aliens ARE the Secret World Government (aka the Deep State), whose agents (controlled by “vaccination” nanobots) are forcing us to eat babies and wear masks on aircraft as a mind control experiment. So, it does relate to travel. Duh!

  11. Hopefully the aliens have travel status with their carrier and are able to transfer their points to credit card offers; it would be a shame if they did a 25 trillion mile mileage run if they had to sit in basic economy the whole way..

  12. Higher Intelligence is welcome on this planet. I would not call them alien. We are the aliens because of how much damage has been done to the environment by Humans.

  13. No, being President of the U.S. does not give you the clearance and special access tickets needed to know any (much less every) classified thing. It never has and undoubtedly never will. Thank goodness.

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