The Federal Government Is About To Reveal What It Knows About UFOs

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the government has been hiding details of UFOs for years. Former CIA Director John Brennan thinks there may be life on other planets too. People with the highest of security clearances think there’s something out there.

December’s Covid relief bill contained requirement for the intelligence community to produce a report within 180 days that will not be classified sharing what it knows about UFOs (a classified appendix is permitted).

The last Director of National Intelligence says there “quite a few” incidents that are “difficult to explain” incidents “exceed[ing] the sound barrier without a sonic boom.” And in some cases “we don’t have good explanations” for what we’ve seen “all over the world.” Many haven’t been made public before.

Last month an American Airlines pilot made UFO contact over New Mexico.

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  1. “Unidentified” doesn’t mean flying saucers, and there’s a lot we don’t really understand about our atmosphere. As a pilot, ham operator and professional geographer I’d say that’s the most likely explanation, and yet….maybe not. Having grown up on ’50s science-fiction I’d love to meet some friendly and helpful aliens, but will believe it when I see them.

  2. Most likely, the adverse vessels are self-repairing unmanned AI probes that have been around here for millennia… No living being would try to travel that far because no one can travel at the speed of light or even close to it.

    Instead, it’s just like our exploration of our outer planets – we sent unmanned probes where manned travel isn’t feasible.

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