Flight Attendant Tips Off FBI To Passengers Who Stole Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop

Passengers refused to wear a mask on an Alaska Airlines flight. That got them banned from the airline. But it also burned their names and faces into the memory of a flight attendant who had to deal with them in the air.

The cabin crew member stalked their social media, and discovered that the people who wouldn’t wear a mask on their flight were willing to wear one for selfies at the January 6th Capitol Hill insurrection. Digging further it appeared from photos on Instagram that one of them was involved in taking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

The Alaska Airlines employee tipped off the FBI. They executed a search warrant. In materials filed with the court they detail why they believe the mask resister the flight attendant confronted, an Alaska resident banned by Alaska Airlines, was the culprit of the Capitol laptop theft.

There are many lessons here, beyond the obvious one not to commit federal crimes against powerful people like the Speaker of the House. If you’re going to commit crimes, don’t attract extra attention to yourself, like unnecessarily making a scene on an aircraft. And if you’re going to commit crimes, and draw attention to yourself, don’t post incriminating photos on Instagram.

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  1. @ Gary — What an imbecile. I hope she shares a prison cell next to Satan Trump.

  2. The lesson should be that attempting to overthrow the constitutional order of the country is a high crime against the country and the anti-US insurrectionists — thieving or otherwise — deserve criminal penalties that exceed that given to Reality Winner.

  3. For the record Gary, there was no insurrection on Jan 6 on the part of Trump supporters. Congress was in a state of insurrection by confirming a fraudulent election and guaranteeing that fundamental freedoms will be infringed more. George Washington went to war for free speech/economic freedom/tea tax. What the protestors did was extremely mild and peaceful. Unfortunately, Trump was not a real leader and turned out to be a clown. He didn’t give orders when 100 million were waiting to carry them out. Trump let everything that has happened happen without giving one order or fighting even a little. Trump has committed cowardice before the enemy and fraud for pretending to be a fighter and high IQ. He is the opposite.

    The lesson here is the rational public should give zero support to U.S. flight attendants. Let them eat garbage from the ground to survive. They are worthless. If someone tells you she is a flight attendant from the U.S, it’s more likely than not she should be treated like dirt.

  4. Sorry to break it to you guys but they raided the wrong persons house…just do a quick google search, although it will probably be buried because that doesn’t fit “the narrative”…are there gonna be repercussions for the flight attendant?

  5. @GUWonder: Bravo!

    @HT: Quite right. I’m chuckling also.

    @Jackson Waterson: If you’re not convinced by the scores of Republican state officials and Republican-appointed judges (including many Trump-appointed ones) finding that the election was not fraudulent, then your pro-insurrectionist delusion is not only anti-democratic but anti-American.

  6. @Jackson Waterson- we have to assume this was tongue in cheek. Peaceful and mild it was not- as a mother to someone working on the hill and a neighbor to the Capitol I can assure you that the insurrection was real. We are still getting over it and living with the aftermath of an attack in our neighborhood, front yard and workplace. Very scary stuff. I do hold flight attendants with utmost regard for the crap they need to deal with as they do their job. Kudos to this one for identifying a bragging thief.

  7. The AP wrote an article that maybe FBI identified the wrong lady? Marilyn Hueper claims she wasn’t in the Capitol and that another woman who looked like her was in the Capitol wearing mask.
    “Both women were wearing black Columbia down coats. However, in a photo posted on her husband’s Facebook page from Jan. 6, Hueper is shown wearing a black face mask, a green blouse open at the collar and a light green scarf. The surveillance video released by the FBI shows the sought-after woman wearing the black sweater with a snowflake print and dangling earrings. Also, the woman in the photo has detached earlobes, while Hueper says hers are attached.”

  8. “Thousands of terrorists killed in botched attempt to storm the Capital” This should have been the headline on January 7!

  9. @Steve

    Democracy is just tyranny of the majority. 49.999% are enslaved by the other 50.0001%. It’s not an honorable or valid system. Those who like democracy want to be the slave masters. Real Americans value individual rights and freedom from government.

    You haven’t caught on to the fact that most republicans politicians aren’t real conservatives but pretend to be and pay lip service. They like the current system and get rich off pretending they don’t. Trump appointed judges were all McConnell judges. Trump has the intellect of a dog and didn’t see he was being played.

  10. @Steve, exactly. And

    @Jackson Waterson, I was not aware you were the official keeper of the record. That was a good laugh too.

  11. If I had stolen Pelosi’s laptop I would never pose with it on social media. Rather, I would have it framed and displayed in my house in testament to the hilarious day when Congress cowered in jibbering fear over a guy dressed as a Viking.

  12. @Jackson Waterson – We don’t live in a system where 50.1% can rule. The House is setup that way. It’s called “the People’s House” for a reason, and it’s intended to reflect majoritarian thought. However, the Senate was setup both to be both counter-majoritarian (each state gets 2 reps) and not chosen by the people (states could decide for themselves who to send, but it was often other politicians making the choice). You have ignored both history and current reality.

    However, there’s one clear example I can think of today where you don’t have to worry about the “tyranny of the majority”: the beautiful Kingdom of Saudia! Why not live there??? No 50.1% to worry about in Saudi Arabia!

  13. It should also be pointed out that they didn’t find the laptop either. They sent a dozen FBI agents up and there and raided that poor woman’s house and came back empty handed. Maybe if they pursued the Antifa/BLM goons with as much gusto as they went after these patriots there wouldn’t have been so much rioting over the last year.

  14. @Jackson Waterson : I told my spaniel what you said about Trump’s intellect. He immediately started begging for treats, just like Donald.

    Please keep sharing your wonderful insights into our highly evolved political system.

  15. The comments by some are ridiculous, but even more concerning is that Gary Leff allows them to stay. Grow up Gary Leff! Take some responsibility here!

  16. I live in Alaska what this nosy flight attendant did was finger the wrong people. The feds and US Marshall’s service conducted a search warrant on a nice Homer AK couple who
    Operate an Air B&B. They found nothing. The couple had been to the rally outdoors only and did nothing criminal. They had no criminal past and were subject to the humiliation of being detained. I hope they sue the flight attendant and the airline for whom she works for. This is totally uncalled for!

  17. Gary likely allows the ridiculous comments to stay because he wants us normal folks who read his blog to be reminded how many loonies are in this world.

  18. That TDS seems to affect some here for life I guess. Get over it. Move forward. I know CNN ratings down 60%. We all know why. MSNBS and NY Times both suffering.

  19. @Jackson – If by “extremely mild and peaceful” you mean police officers beaten with “thin blue line” flags, and in some cases killed, then sure, whatever.

    Also, the only alternative to “tyranny of the majority” is… tyranny of the minority. How is that a reasonable or preferable outcome for a functional representative government?

  20. @Jackson Waterson is a racist white nationalist cuck who posts the same drivel on multiple travel blogs daily, SOP for “him”, nothing to see here move along

  21. Kudos to the FA for trying to nail a terrorist. All of them should have been sent to Guantanamo until their trial date.
    Let’s hope the Republican party flushes Trump and gets back to representing the people.


  23. Gary – it was proven dats ago that the lady in Alaska was not the same person inside the capitol building

    Tell me, have you always been a liberal asshole or just one since moving to Austin?

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