Florida Woman On Motorized Suitcase Leads Police On Chase Through Orlando Airport (Video)

A 32 year old woman at the Orlando airport allegedly became intoxicated, caused “a disturbance” at her departure gate, and – after being refused boarding by her airline – led police on a chase through while riding a motorized suitcase.

After a police officer arrived and attempted to calm things down, the woman flipped the officer the finger, called him a number of expletives, and fled the scene on her suitcase.

The officer, surprised at the speed of the motorized luggage, gave pursuit on a bicycle, creating quite a scene. The woman was later apprehended and arrested after resisting a while longer.

The woman claimed to have just two drinks during a flight delay but “had glassy eyes and trouble standing” according to the arresting officer. The woman reportedly “spat on him [the officer] than once.”

The fatal flaw in the woman’s attempt to flee on a suitcase is that the airport is a fairly controlled and contained environment. She wound up boxed in at a security checkpoint, with no place to go. Once arrested and placed in a police vehicle, she “ripp[ed] apart its headliner and allegedly defecat[ed] in the back seat.”

As for the motorized suitcase – and note that battery-powered suitcases generally aren’t allowed on board U.S. commercial aircraft

The suitcase the woman used to evade police in the airport appears to be a Modobag, a $1,495 piece of luggage with a 150-watt electric motor—that’s about one-fifth of a horsepower. Capable of charging to max capacity in two hours, it can travel a distance of up to six miles and has a top speed of seven miles per hour.

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  1. This is absolutely nuts. A woman leading police and airport on a motorized suitcase chase because she was allegedly drunk. To be honest, I’ve never heard of a motorized suitcase. If this is true about her being drunk and allegedly arrested in a Florida airport, she’s going to possibly look back on her life years down the road when she goes to apply for job and has to disclose this in a job interview about her past alleged criminal conduct.

  2. MCO is my home airport and NEVER have I seen an inebriate go off on the cops in such a manner. The officer has HOURS more patience than I. Impressive! This video also proves why cops should wear body cams and leave them on at all times. The prosecutors have an open-and-shut case.

  3. If I ever get arrested, I would like to officially request that officer do the apprehending. Incredible politeness under trying circumstances. He should be commended for his restraint. .

  4. To help differentiate the View From the Wing readers from “gate lice,” I would like to see a future article offering instructions on how to “pimp your Modobag.”

  5. I understand and agree with the IVDB decision, but once she left the gate on her own accord, not sure why she was pursued, or why she was being forced to return to the main terminal, rather than wait in the concourse for another flight?

    The only explanation I heard was the concourse is a “secure area,” but people who’ve cleared the TSA security checkpoint are routinely allowed to wait in the concourse area for as many hours as they want or need.

    I don’t like the expletives or hand gestures, but from what I’ve witnessed the past two years, that’s not an arrestable offense?


  6. I have always said that any establishment at the airport that sells alcohol look at someone’s boarding pass and if it is 2 hours before a flight- -refuse to serve them.

  7. “I’m not incoxitated!”

    Credit to that cop though. If I ever get delayed and then too drunk to fly (Stone Brewing in San Diego airport I’m looking at you), I want that guy to handle it!

  8. Something doesn’t add up here. “Top speed of seven miles per hour” is the equivalent of about an 11.5 second 40 yard dash, barely above fast walking speed. Yet the cop needed a bike to catch her?

  9. Mike Feldman BLM supporter needs to spend one day of his life working in law enforcement. Then maybe he will cease making such silly statements. Love these Monday morning quarterbacks with their constant criticism of law enforcement!

  10. CMorgan – Most of the morons that post criticizing law enforcement are law breaking criminals. Law abiding citizens don’t have problems with law enforcement because they obey the law.

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