Four Seasons Philadelphia Hotel Denies They’re Hosting Trump Lawyer Event. Here’s What Happened.

This morning the President tweeted about a press conference to discuss challenges to election results,

Lawyers Press Conference at Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00 A.M.

My first thoughts were,

  1. Trump’s lawyers are staying at the Four Seasons?
  2. While the campaign is seeking to raise donor dollars to fund his challenges?

The Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Philadelphia found itself in an awkward position. Not wanting to be at the center of controversy they tweeted to make clear that they weren’t hosting this event.

Yes – the event, it turns out, wasn’t booked at the Four Seasons hotel. It was booked at a different Four Seasons on the outskirts of Philadelphia, 10 miles north on I-95: Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Trump replaced his original tweet with the new location.

As you can imagine, given the stakes involved and the rancor over the election, this landscaping business’s Yelp page is under attack.

So what is the Four Seasons Total Landscaping event space like? You can immediately see why the campaign selected it. It’s next to an adult bookstore and across the street from a crematorium.

The best part of this has to be the phone call from the Trump campaign advance team, dialing up the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. “Hello, Four Seasons, how can we help you?” “Do you have availability for an event at 11:30 a.m.?” “Yes, we have space available.” “We won’t need catering, would you be willing to do it for a flat $10,000.00?”

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  1. My guess is they thought they’d booked the Four Seasons and had to pretend they hadn’t make the mistake. So happy this incompetence will be out of office in a few months.

  2. @ Gary — I am so glad Guliani is in charge of the voter fraud lawsuits. No competent lawyer would come near this nonsense.

  3. @Gene – I think the Giuliani they are talking about is the one who made his bones taking down the five mafia families, Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken when he was U.S. Attorney for the Southern district. Not whatever Giuliani you are thinking of.

  4. @ Rob — I am thinking of the Giuliani who worked with felons from Ukraine to cook up phony allegations against our great President Elect Biden. It is quite remarkable that someone who used to fight corruption is now so corrupt.

  5. @Gene – Still don’t know who you are talking about. I think that is a character made up by your TV you are describing.

  6. Non-American (but admirer of it!) so I don’t get a vote on who’s the president. That’s up to the American people. But, I must say that from aside this uber-optimistic retoric going on now is early days, and I can’t see how anyone really looking at what’s going on can think that there will now be “unity” or “healing”. At least on that Trump was right – it’s all politician speak, like anywhere else in the world.
    Although I’m not American, I do have money invested in Wall Street, and I hope the stock markets don’t get spooked by the Biden admin now that there is a (theoratical) chance of the Senate going blue in Jan. They’re ripe for a crash for some time anyway.

  7. Gary, please stick to travel related news. You bill yourself as “Thought leader in travel”.
    Why waste our time on such nonsense.

  8. Dude26–I’m thinking like you, I’ve already shifted over my IRA retirement funds to cash, for the time being. The market may jump for jubilation–“we’re free, we’re free, of tyranny!” but sooner rather than later we will have to pay for Trump’s financial foibles, and I think Team Blue will be stuck with cleaning this mess up.

    However, once the Covid vaccine is widely distributed by late-spring 2021 the economy might start to heal again and there may be another bounce back to bull.

    In the meantime, I love the ending to this Trump saga. What an ironic way to end a campaign. Justice has been served.

  9. Congrats on winning the most rigged election in history.

    Just dont ask me to kneel to you or force me to accept climate change or critical race theory

    Can’t wait for the socialists to come up with their approved speech and thought training, headed by AOC.

  10. Trump’s Steve Bannon lost his fancy lawyer from DC who was defending him in criminal cases.

    Trump’s left with Giuliani as his lawyer while the White House Counsel’s office is like a sinking ship where the Trump-enablers are getting concerned about being caught on the wrong side of the law too. Giuliani’s “legal dream team” are going to find their limits too.

    The Trump ship is sinking, and its rats are jumping ship and scurrying for escapes and places to hide.

  11. Instead of ponying up for stupid litigation, Trump should try to be presidential for once and help save American lives and livelihoods by working with Biden and the Senate majority to let the country move forward toward a well-developed coronavirus management and economic security program. The country is on the cusp of a nightmarishly awful economic dive, and there is no way for Biden to save the country from the coming economic disaster without a major (and majorly expensive) economic security project and better management of the Covid-19 situation. Having lawyers bunkering in at the “Four Seasons” is t going to make America great again.

  12. The only ones that would understand the location are the criminals that operated in the Four Seasons Landscape building. Trust me don’t let your hate for Trump mislead your acessment of his mental capacity. He went golfing today while Biden sang and danced.

  13. @John L – you’re understandably angry…you backed the biggest loser in the history of American politics (2x lost popular vote, lost re-election, impeached). Hey, we all make mistakes.

    Biden/Harris is a big ticket, all are welcome, you’ll be better off…we just ask that all check any anti-science/racist/hoaxer attitudes at the door. Come on it!

  14. Grabbing some popcorn and awaiting four more years of undeclared civil war. Assume UA-NYC is talking about the lack of social distancing and masks at the Biden celebrations. Seems the major networks failed to note that more COVID-19 risk just went in the door. Already the little monkeys are not following the lead of the big masked monkey.

  15. @Aloha – weren’t you one of those talking about all the inevitable liberal/antifa riots in this week? LOL. Guess that didn’t happen.

    I saw nonstop masks from the coverage I watched – maybe you were focusing on the (pathetically small) Trump get-togethers at the Lansing/Harrisburg state houses where they were much less so.

    Your president might have been the president of 40% of America – Biden believe it or not will go for 100%. Just check any anti-science/racism/hoaxing at the door and you’re welcome in.

  16. @aloha- What channel or event were you watching? Are you sure you weren’t watching a rerun of a Trump rally? I switched between CNN, Fox, Newsy, and my local stations hoping to get the different perspectives and I saw 2 people not wearing masks but 2000 wearing masks and socially distanced by family or friend groups. OK , I understand where you are coming from.

  17. To all of you cheering a Biden win maybe you won’t be so gleeful when your investments crash. Input all of mine in the bond market. And to the poster who talked about healing! I completely agree with you there won’t be any at least for a long time to come. Also I agree that this article does not belong here. It further adds to the division in this country.

  18. Cmorgan: The Four Seasons thing is funny, too bad you can’t see that.
    Use ‘the google’ to see plenty of graphs comparing stock market returns under different presidents. Yes it was higher for Obama and Clinton than for than Trump. (But Trump did have 2x as many days golfing). Secondly as someone who supposedly is interested in travel, you can also google and find different Covid Case rates and death rates in different countries and think about the competency of the people managing this crisis in the US, which surely affects the market.

  19. I will always have great difficulty wrapping my head around the way of thinking of folks like @Cmorgan, who somehow consider Trump some king of genius on the economy when the man has bankrupted anything that he’s touched – his inherited real estate company and, most famously and devastatingly, the United Stated of America. He will be the only POTUS to end up with a net job loss when he leaves office. Some genius! Also, as LK just pointed out, the US economy and the stock market (two different things, BTW) have fared better under Democratic than Republican administrations (compare the last 2 POTUS pairs: George H.W Bush vs. Bill Clinton; George W. Bush vs. Barack Obama. See?)

    The biggest question, though, is knowing what we now know, just what a denialist one must be to support someone like Trump, who is going down in the annals of history as the uncontested worst.POTUS.ever.

  20. You people are ridiculous….. quit it for the sake of the rest of us that aren’t sore winners nor sore looser….and while this story might be comical but has nothing to do with travel!

  21. All these TDS-afflicted leftists think they’ve defeated the second coming of Hitler. If Trump really were this anti-democratic fascist bogeyman, would there even have been an election? Would his opponents have been able to harass, mock and thwart him for four years? You have no idea what fascism, authoritarianism or totalitarianism really are and anyone who’s actually lived under socialism knows that it doesn’t work. Is it any wonder that Americans who emigrated from socialist countries support Trump? What did Trump actually do that was so horrible? It doesn’t compare to the death and destruction wreaked by his two predecessors, Bush 43 and Bush 44 (more commonly known as Obama). How are the War on Terror and the European refugee crisis working out for you?

  22. Such childish anger, how much does your life change on a daily basis with whoever is president?

  23. @Cargocult – don’t be salty just because you backed a historic loser (2x popular vote loser, failed re-election bid, impeached). Don’t you feel like a chump now.

    Seriously, piss off for calling Obama, Bush 44. Troll.

  24. STOPPP! All of you are obsessed… and Gary by posting this story you should’ve have foreseen this eventuality!

  25. @UA-TDS

    How many times do I have to tell you that I didn’t vote for Trump? Not in 2016, not in 2020. Still, Trump received more votes than any other Presidential candidate except Biden. More than Bush 44. That name really triggers you that badly? What other mental illnesses do you suffer from besides TDS? Did COVID-19 eat your brain? Leftists do tend to suffer from mental illness at a higher rate than conservatives.

  26. @carcocult – talk about delusional…you’re a Trump acolyte if I’ve ever seen one. No non-Trump voter would drop the hot steaming piles of garbage upthread you did. Frankly you actually don’t seem to stand for anything at all. Enjoy irrelevance.

  27. CargoCult, UA-NYC…. you both need to take this somewhere else! Stop! U need to sit down and buy each other a few cold ones and chill out.

  28. Still, Trump received more votes than any other Presidential candidate except Biden.
    — cargocult

    More than 90% of Germans were still supporting Adolf Hitler long after it was clear that he’d lost the war and that his belligerent misadventures had been misguided and would cost Germany dearly.

    I have little doubt that the Trumpistas will wake up one day from the cultish trance in which they have been the last 4 years and recoil after they realize that they’d backed a real abomination…just like most Germans did.

  29. DCS….. you too…. chill out, you just compared half the country to Nazis! Slow golf clap! Gary stop this!

  30. Alright, @Dan777, here’s something that is both non-controversial and on topic.

    One of my favorite pieces of classical music is Antonio Vivaldi’s utterly stunning collection of 4 violin concerti titled Le Quattro Stagioni (“The Four Seasons”). In these of times high uncertainty and anxiety, I have found that listening to No. 3, L’Autonno — a celebration of Fall (of leaves or the mighty) — with the volume pumped way up, can be quite uplifting, even slightly intoxicating… 😉


  31. @DCS

    Hilton sucks!

    To quote Dr. Dre from his N.W.A. days, “I get loose in the summer, winter, spring and autumn.” How dare Dre call himself a doctor. He doesn’t have an EdD like Dr. Jill Biden or Dr. Bill Cosby.


    No blue wave? U mad, bro?

    UA-TDS is triggered by “Bush 44” and cannot fathom the idea that one can find fault with leftist attacks on Trump without voting for him. Signs of a stable genius. He probably thinks mandatory voting is a good idea, too.

  32. @DCS

    When trumpy gets indicted for multiple counts of tax evasion….that went on for probably the last 30 years….who wants to be on that losing side of history?

  33. @UA-TDS’s comments are purely hysterical TDS inanities, utterly devoid of substance. Bring up evidence of anything that contradicts his worldview and he will reply with insults since he is incapable of reasoned argument. What will he do without Trump to complain about? Whom can he blame for the misery that is his life?

  34. My gut instinct is that it was not an accident. Premeditated to scare anyone who dares cross tRUMP. Scarface/Sopranos style….I smell mafia and intimidation…That’s how trust fund babies roll..Bully…Mr. president, please bow down gracefully. You continue embarrassing yourself. Stop the nonsense.

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