Rudy Giuliani Shaving While Eating Soup Inside New York JFK Delta Lounge

Rudy Giuliani was caught shaving while eating at a table inside a Delta Air Lines lounge at New York JFK. Despite having rather nice restrooms – the normal place you’d shave in an airport – he chose to use the selfie camera on his iPad as a mirror and take breaks between soup and snacks to clean up his face. No one got close enough to verify whether his shavings got into the soup.

The passenger who shot the video offered that,

It took him 15 minutes to have one bowl of soup because every time he’d bring the spoon up to his mouth, half would fall back into the soup. It was disgusting.”

The man who himself once had a shot at becoming President, but more recently gave a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, was also once spotted in an Emirates business class lounge in Dubai with his pants down.

(HT: Live And Let’s Fly)

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  1. Why isn’t that pig in jail?
    He should be afraid of going to a public restroom as he’ll get flushed.
    Surly he doesn’t believe that planes can actually fly unless they use the magic dust.

  2. Whether you like the guy or think he is a disgusting pig this is not news in any way shape or form. Come on Gary!

  3. The language is all I could deal with, disturbing to listen to…..disgusting.
    I would never call any person, place or thing anything close. I don’t know who is the pig here.

  4. Oh Please !
    Dan & Mike loosen up & laugh …
    New Yorkers have a clear way of making a point.

  5. Well at least you don’t have to wonder what the guy thinks about Giuliani huh?
    That’s right up there with clipping your toenails on the tray table in the airplane…before your lunch. Nasty. But the real question, is did he leave a tip for the poor staff who had to clean up his mess….

  6. The commentary was unwarranted. Let the video speak for itself and most most viewers would properly arrive at the same conclusion if they hadn’t already (dripping hair dye and passing gas in court). With all the talented lawyers in our legal system, I can’t imagine how he endeared himself to political leaders.

  7. The narrator could’ve made more impact by making a simple statement, such as: “And there’s Rudi Giuliani, former mayor of NYC, eating a bowl of soup while shaving. Hmmm.”

    Regardless, that is a serious breach of etiquette!

  8. Why not say something to him? I definitely would as well as inform the club staff. Yes disgusting. I’ve seen this at the gate and once on a plane but never in an eating situation.

  9. Gotta love New Yorkers. They hate everyone. Guess when you live in a shithole everything around always stinks.

  10. The commentary that went with the video was more disgusting than the video. The commentary was far below what should have been permitted to be posted here.

  11. In other JFK news, the FT Moderator Do for October 2021 is cancelled and Rudy Giuliani will be able to shave at JFK without having his behavior moderated with or without any rules being inconsistently applicable to his behavior and that of others in the community. TWA will be missing the crowd two years in a row, so maybe Rudy can “get a room” to go shave there then.

  12. @Jerome – yup it was quite sad to see Reagan deteriorate as quickly mentally as he did, not that he was ever the brightest light bulb, but still!

  13. JFK isn’t such a bad airport, and I have not found JFK to stink worse than other major airports in quite some time. And since DL lounge guests at JFK have access to showers, the guests too shouldn’t be stinking if having the time to use them there. Was “America’s Mayor” (of craziness) perhaps trying to have a video call at the same time as his shaving? Talk about shaving time with multi-tasking.

    So four letter words are allowed in posts on this blog, but the following is not?

    “In other JFK news, the FT Moderator Do for October 2021 is cancelled and Rudy Giuliani will be able to shave at JFK without having his behavior moderated with or without any rules being applicable to his behavior. TWA will be missing the crowd two years in a row, so maybe Rudy can “get a room” to go shave there then.”

  14. A lot more people are disgusted with this man’s potty mouth. He wouldn’t even hold in his hand what came out of his mouth. Yuk, Yuk.
    Give the elder man the respect.

  15. The guy should be in jail and hopefully will be soon. That said, Michael Rapaport is obnoxious and disgusting.

  16. @Alan: the answer is no because she has the common decency to not shave in public let alone while eating. But yes, you Trumpsters are disgusted a woman has hair under her arms. What a pig you and Rudy prove to be.

  17. The bleeding hair dye was still the most shocking as well as falsely defending Rump
    Nasty man who has a ruined reputation

  18. Where does Giuliani think the shaved off whiskers go?
    Waitstaff is supposed to clean his whiskers off the table?
    He’s a guy who believes the rules/norms don’t apply to him.
    I bet he will end up in prison soon.

  19. What does what he eats and does have to do with airline info? I thought this wasn’t a political column. I see enough political garbage everywhere else on social media. Thought for once I’d just see good info about flying. Good Grief

  20. This still unindicted POS is disgusting. Someone mentioned they thought Rapaport was also. I happen to think he is obnoxiously and disgustingly hilarious! Thanks for sharing this.

  21. Wow @Gary seems you really took on board what readers said about your ‘reporting’ of a 3rd hand ‘story’ recorded without one party being aware.

    Now we’re making gossip column posts reliant on someone whose own personal integrity has been called in to question several times ( ‘Twatinport’ ).

    Is your aim for the site to become loosely aviation based weekly gossip reports. What’s for next week….. … to get my hair just like Jen after a flight. Or maybe … ….how Keanu looks so good when he’s in the lounge?

    Think I’ll just give up if you’re determined on this self imposed race to the bottom and to produce nothing but trashy gossip.

  22. Derelict moral coward in action – Besides socially acceptable public behavior – I would think there are health & safety standards with shaving, brushing your teeth etc in a public restaurant?
    Dude is a willfully ignorant clown act and failure..

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  24. I always drink directly from the bowl rather than using a spoon to avoid the issues Mr. Giuliani encountered.

  25. I am pretty sure Hillary did not shave her arm pits. Just saying. Also, it is an airport lounge and I have witnessed a shitload worse. Look close because it is the person next to him eating the soup. The commentary alone sums up the caliber of the individual posting. At any rate all I know is I used to visit and enjoy NYC when he was mayor and it was generally great. however now; I would rather visit Tijuana, Mexico, its cleaner, safer, less corrupt, lower taxes, people are nicer, etc…. No worries, I am certain as the ever increasing percent of the population flees NY it will improve LOL. Oh, and on another note, at least Rudi can still eat unassisted, not like someone else we know who is in charge (oops!) supposed to be in charge.

  26. Typical hater. Not a surprise. People sh.t on the street, that’s ok. We need to provide them with free needles and love.

  27. This shows his lack of judgement. Rudy was a very good mayor but has lowered his reputation through poor decision making and choices since then. Rudy was 100% right to support Trump who recognized the cancer of immigration and political correctness, however, Trump was a fool to select Rudy to represent him given Rudy’s lack of legal prowess in recent years and his lack of judgement. Trump himself proved to be the opposite of high IQ and a fighter and someone who didn’t have 10th grade understanding of executive power. Trump picking Rudy showed that Trump was cognitively impaired. Rudy was foolish enough to put his hands in his pants with a woman who was supposed to interview him knowing he is one of the most recognizable faces in the country. Stupid. Conservatives can’t get anywhere with people like Trump or Rudy who don’t have the competence to lead us to uncharted actions and territory. A guy shaving at a food table is not who we need anywhere near our future.

  28. And here I thought Giuliani was trying to avoid having a bad hair moment. At least it wasn’t his hair dye dripping this time, but maybe he’s been having that as a condiment with some other meals.

    One of the arts of being a smart politician is knowing when and how to quietly walk away into the setting sun without ending up with the legacy of being a pitiful character and prime time butt of jokes at the end of the day. In this way, Giuliani seems to be turning out to be even dumber than Trump — but there’s still time until one or both of them finally kick the can.

  29. Posting this absurd piece only goes to deforce what apply applies to doing so on a blog such as this:


  30. Almost as disgusting as the ugly, click-bait, divisive, troll-inducing fertilizer that Gary keeps plowing through his blog in hopes of becoming the Jerry Springer of cards and point websites. ALMOST….

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