In-Flight Grooming Gone Wild: Man Turns Delta Seat Into Personal Barber Shop

A Delta Air Lines passenger was photographed pulling out a razor and shaving his head at his seat.

Despite having access to a dedicated lavatory mere steps away – where he’d have access to a plug, a mirror to see what he was doing, and privacy – he decided to perform a follicular challenge in the passenger cabin.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all…
byu/macwanders indelta

I’ve certainly shaved on a plane before – usually at the end of a long haul flight, wanting to be fresh getting off the plane. I’ve always done that in the lavatory. It seems almost de rigueur to give yourself a nice shave when flying first class on Emirates or Etihad and taking a shower on board the aircraft.

I’ve never seen anyone shave at their seat, however. Although two and a half years ago Rudy Giuliani was spotted eating and shaving at the same time inside the Delta Air Lines Sky Club at New York JFK. He sat down at a table, got himself some soup and snacks, and used the selfie camera on his iPad as a mirror while shaving his face in between spoonfuls of his meal.

Shaving at your seat, without even a mirror, takes things to a whole different level even considering how much passenger behavior has degraded in recent years, whether it’s clipping or painting toe nails at your seat, using your feet to control the touch screen TV, or blocking the screen of the passenger behind you with your hair. There are still some things that should be done only in private.

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  1. See? Name any of the other premium airlines in the entire universe where you can get in flight barber service while sitting up in the greatest first class in the history of mankind? Oh you can’t? That’s why Delta has been the #1 PREMIUM airline since the book of Genesis, and will remain so until Revelations…and beyond!

  2. Fortunately, this passenger used only 250,000 Delta SkyMiles to book his first-class award travel ticket between Atlanta and Orlando. Accordingly, he did not need to trek to the lavatory to access an AC outlet, which coach-class passengers usually occupy. Every passenger must remember that Delta Air Lines is a premium, world-class airline. Many passengers are dumbfounded to learn Delta Air Lines offers convenient and complimentary AC power near every aircraft seat. Now, you can meticulously groom your nose hairs before arrival and cross through the velvet ropes when entering a Delta Sky Club.

  3. Realistically, with the sheer number of people flying in the US (or any country) you will get clueless, angry &/or inconsiderate people amongst the hordes of folks that fly these days. This isn’t so much a reflection of any one airline but more the variety of people that live in this world. Most being decent, respectful people.

  4. Wow, until now I always assumed that was salt and pepper on the table(s) at the Sky Club on Concourse F in ATL.

  5. Here for the morons out there who r to stupid. 85% of the worls is greedy selfish ego driven scumbags 15% is actually legit good. That’s y thing r so bad. If u honestly thought most of the world was good then ur nieave af

  6. Dare I ask…. What was the man shaving that couldn’t wait until his plane landed. Airports do have restrooms if you must.

  7. I guess we should be glad he wasn’t manscaping his family jewels. Because that would have been classy.

  8. This story is great … as are many of the comments. So grateful to the internet for allowing peeps to express their insane frustrations over what someone else is doing. Keeps them from doing something worse I guess. Worrisome that so many people don’t have a life.

  9. Pretty disgusting . Everyone is worried about airline service . We should be more concerned about human behavior. Lack of etiquette , respect and just plan common sense. The airline industry is trying to do their job, transport humans from point A to point B . The problem is there are humans to transport left .

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