Hilton’s New PowerUp Promotion: Up To Unlimited Triple Points For Four Months

Normally Hilton Honors is the least rewarding chain loyalty program for spending at their properties. But their promotions can make up for that. Fairly standard is double points, which you can think of as an extra 4% return on spend. That makes them highly competitive, without factoring whatever promotions those other chains might be running.

For September 7 through December 31, 2021 they’re running PowerUp which is double points for all members on all stays, and triple points for co-brand credit card members. (Registration required.)

This is a nice, simple promotion without excluding properties or limiting bonus points – the more you spend, the more you earn. It’s nice that in recent years Hilton has solved the problem of excluding hotels from promotions (presumably by funding them centrally, rather than soliciting participation).

You should register for the promotion even if you don’t expect to have Hilton stays. That’s because if you don’t do it now, you won’t remember to do it. And you could wind up unexpectedly at a Hilton, even for an airport overnight when your flight delays or cancels. And this bonus is earned with the first stay, rather than only starting off on a second stay, so you’ll earn right away even with just one.

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  1. Marriott is keeping their costs low by not running promotions and denying advertised elite benefits using COVID as their excuse
    It’s about their owners/business partners.The he## with those mere paying customers
    They are a bunch of sheep

  2. @Mets fan in NC

    Are you high?

    Did you not see their generous promotion earlier this year
    From end of February to end of April?

    Mariott was extremely generous at the beginning of the year
    Especially in January

  3. @DCS

    Is this a good promo?

    What’s the breakdown for staying at 3 nights with Hilton $150 per night

  4. Is this a good promotion?

    What’s the breakdown staying at a 150 per night for 3 nights
    Paying with the aspire card as a Hilton Diamond

  5. If you buy a rate that includes double points, do the bonuses also double for this, or just the base?

  6. @DCS

    Is this a good promo?

    What’s the breakdown for staying at 3 nights with Hilton $150 per night


    Let B = Number of base points earned from spending x $ for a stay.

    A Hilton Diamond earn rate during this promo period will be:

    B [based points] + B [ double points] + B [ triple points if paying with a HH AMEX card] + B [Diamond Elite 100% Bonus] + 1.4B [ if paying with the Aspire card]

    Earn Rate = B + B + B + B +1.4B = 5.4B.

    For a Diamond: B = 10x, therefore, the earn rate for a HH Diamond who pays for stays with the Aspire will be

    5.4 B = 5.4 * 10x = 54x.

    3 nights @ $150/night of eligible spend = $450 total.

    Number of points for 3-night stay = 54 * 450 = 24,300


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