New Marriott Promotion: 1500 Bonus Points Per Stay (4500 At All-Inclusives)

Marriott’s new promotion (registration by November 28, 2021 required) offers:

  • 1500 bonus points per stay
  • plus 3000 additional bonus points per stay at all-inclusive resorts
  • valid for stays September 14 – December 12, 2021.

This promotion seems extraordinarily weak, outside of moderately-priced one night stays. Base earning inn the Marriott program is 10 points per dollar. So using a baseline of ‘double points’ as the bare minimum promotion to expect,

  • this offer is equivalent to spending $150 on a hotel stay.

  • there are very few stays more than one night where the promotion will be equal to let alone better than double points.

  • since all-inclusive stays tend to be longer, any all-inclusive where you’re spending more than $450 (e.g. 3 nights @ $150/night) you’re getting less than double points.

Hilton, in contrast, will be offering double points (triple for co-brand cardmembers) for a longer period of time. Although Marriott’s basic level of earning is richer than Hilton’s and matched only by Hyatt. And unlike Hyatt, bonus points are only awarded on paid stays (not redemption stays, even though Marriott redemptions often include a substantial paid component in the form of a resort of destination fee).

Regardless you should register now just in case you wind up with a Marriott stay during the promotion period – because you’ll never remember to register later when it turns out you do have an unexpected stay, and because more points are better than fewer points.

(HT: Bill S.)

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  1. I don’t see this promotion anywhere and your link doesn’t work for me. Not that it’s any good, but I hate being left out. Any chance it’s targeted?

  2. While this is pathetic, let’s not forget that Marriott has run plenty of other promos. Namely, it has basically given anyone who wanted it elite status, either through status extensions or status via a credit card. There are people with platinum or titanium statuses through the end of 2022 who have only stayed 10 or 15 nights in a Marriott-branded hotel since January 1, 2020.

  3. Don’t know if targeted but link worked fine for me. Brought up screen to register for promotion and was promoted to enter ID/PW. After doing that screen came back up, clicked register and it immediately showed a progress bar with respect to the promotion.

  4. Ridiculous to launch a promotion on August 31 that doesn’t begin until September 14 – when there aren’t currently any other Marriott promotions. Thanks.

  5. @Kailash: This showed me as ineligible because my account was configured to earn United miles rather than points; this may be the case for you as well? You can check your earning preferences under your Profile.

  6. The problem is the points are near worthless due to Marriotts massive devaluations
    A property pre COVID that was a proper 50 k a night is now 85 to 100 k a night
    So it’s one big scam even redeeming at the most desirable properties.
    Added to that wait listed suite upgrades that are confirming into upgraded rooms and not even suites or we don’t participate nonsense
    Then throw in your non existent elite breakfast benefit of a nutrigrain bar & a banana if your lucky
    Unless you love a property who in their right mind would choose Marriott unless they are tunnel vision addicted and blind?
    It didn’t help that Marriott corporate said F##k the customer it’s about our owners not the little people who pay for the rooms 100 nights a year
    I avoid their properties like the plague now even with lifetime tit status
    Favoring almost all other programs that are far easier to earn points in

  7. This must be a targeted offer. After I access your link and log in in Marriott I get a message that I am not eligible for this promotion

  8. Better than nothing – I can’t recall when the last Marriott promo even was available. Not too bad on short inexpensive stays.

    I see no indication that existing reservations need to be rebooked – is that correct the promo will still apply to existing reservations as long as the stay is within the promo period?

  9. There’s some kind of error with this promo. I log into Bonvoy and see the promotion on the homepage, click on it, and it says:

    We’re sorry, but there was an error in directing you to this promotion.

    The reason for this error could be:

    You’re trying to access a miles promotion and are a points-earner, or vice versa
    You are not eligible for this promotion
    This promotion has expired

  10. Marriott global promotions is

    1,500 points per stay. A stay is 2 nights
    3,000 points per stay at all inclusive

    The kicker is starts after Labor Day in the middle of dead travel time of year

    Terribly weak offer. Hilton has 2x and 3x global promotions.

  11. Hilton, in contrast, will be offering double points (triple for co-brand cardmembers) for a longer period of time. Although Marriott’s basic level of earning is richer than Hilton’s and matched only by Hyatt.

    @Gary – Is it not time you quit peddling that long discredited claim? With the Aspire earning industry leading and unmatched number of points/$, there is no program that has a ‘basic’ level of earning that is richer than Hilton’s. None, and the math is quite trivial too…

  12. I, too, was deemed ineligible when I tried to enroll, even though it showed up on my Bonvoy page. A quick call to customer service had me enrolled without issue. One day later I show up as registered under Promotions.

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