Frozen Chicken Parts Appear At Baggage Claim, Checked Luggage Without A Suitcase

The TSA shared video of frozen chickens and chicken parts, stuck together in a block, circling an airport’s baggage carousel. The chicken wasn’t wrapped or inside of luggage. And there’s no baggage tag apparent in the video.

TSA used the opportunity to make a number of puns, such as the “personal fowl on the carousel,” and how the chickens failed to be “cooped up” inside luggage but were instead “free range.” However there’s no security rules against this as such. Meat is permitted inside of carry on bags and as checked luggage. Usually though it isn’t exposed to the elements, being handled directly, or traveling without – at a minimum – ice. It was the lack of packaging, the TSA suggested, that was “ruffling…feathers.”

Four years ago an Australian man checked a can of beer as luggage on a Qantas flight. The can of beer made it onto the baggage carousel at his destination. No worries, mate!

Then a reader decided to use his American Airlines Executive Status free checked bag privileges to check a bottle of deodorant and see what happened. American’s baggage tracking showed the deodorant boarded the aircraft and even delivered to baggage claim, but never made it out onto the carousel. He sought airline reimbursement for his $0.79 plus tax.

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  1. P.S. Thankfully, on second glance, the frozen water around the chicken parts is not blue in color. This tells us that the deconstructed airline chicken meals were re-frozen on board under controlled conditions. This incident definitely did not happen on British Airways, which maintains an overheated onboard climate that won’t even allow ice to stay frozen on the trip from the galley to the tray table at 2A.

  2. This article reminds me of the recommendation to deposit a fish in a financial institution safety deposit box until it gains interest.

  3. Story about the CEO that was trying to cut cost of a small airport is absolutely outrageous. He doesn’t care about the employees or anybody around there just quote unquote cutting cost.

  4. Ha ha!

    My Daddy would freeze silver queen corn fresh from the garden for me to take back to Boston. Each ear was tightly wrapped in Glad Wrap. Then packed in a styrofoam cooler with duck tape wound all around the cooler. It worked well for ears, I mean years! Until one time I was at baggage claim opposite the chute that the luggage popped out of and I heard people laughing. I knew what happened, and sure enough, single ears of corn started coming around on the conveyor belt in my direction!!

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