Man Checked a Bottle of Deodorant as Luggage on American Airlines. Guess What Happened Next.

Earlier this month an Australian man checked a can of beer as luggage on a Qantas flight.

The can of beer made it onto the baggage carousel at his destination. No worries, mate!

‎Hemal G decided to see whether this would work out well here in the U.S. At the last minute before a Charlotte – Newark flight on American Airlines he was upgraded. He suddenly ha[d] more checked baggage allowance” and decided to check deodorant separately.

Sadly a day later and he’s still without his deoderant.

  • The deoderant was successfully loaded onto the flight. It was taken off the plane in Newark.
    But it didn’t make it onto the baggage carousel.

  • He reports, “last activity on the baggage tracking said it arrived at baggage claim but it’s likely it fell off somewhere along the way”

He filled out a missing property form with American’s baggage office. He’s now “waiting to see if [he]’ll be reimbursed 5.79+tax.”

I’ve suggested that if American Airlines denies his claim for some reason that the baggage delay or lost baggage coverage from the credit card he used to purchase his tickets just might step in. It will be fun to submit that claim..

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  1. I really wish the bloggers wouldn’t give people like this attention. Now, every idiot is going to want to pull some small object out of their bag to post it on social media and see if it goes “viral”. It clogs up the system and waists everybody’s time.

  2. Throught leader?!?!

    This blog is going down. You will call me a troll, unfortunately, instead of considering the feedback. Too bad.

  3. Explain how “clogging up the system” works, because that sounds like a thing you are inventing.

  4. Oh dear lord. Can we not encourage this kind of silly behavior?

    Hopefully AA and all the other US airlines rapidly introduce some sort of minimum size policy for checked luggage.

  5. It’s irony not clickbait, dumbass! What happened next is exactly what you’d expect when he checked his bag with American Airlines.

    Goodbye Feilipe you are the weakest link.

  6. “waists everybody’s time”

    Once again time to crack that big book with few pictures called dictionary…

  7. I echo the thoughts of the above posters. It’s ridiculous to check such a small item, and in this case an item that did not need to be checked.

    Who pays $5.79 for deodorant? Usually I’m spending $3 max!

  8. Please, if your world is wholly free of fun, frivolity, and pranks, stop trying to impose your will on the rest of us.

    To my way of thinking, a life free of the occasional prank, joke, or minor mischief isn’t worth living. How can one see value in travel and not appreciate a joke?

  9. That’ the difference between workers in freedom land and people down under. Honesty and diligent workmanship.

    Tough it might be politically incorect, we might agree that young and charming is better than rude grandmas…. lol

  10. Wait, if the guy has insurance through one of his credit cards for delayed baggage, he might be able to claim hundreds of dollars …………. Just a wicked thought.

  11. Gary – I’m usually a big fan, but this – and your decision to post it – is stupid. Please leave the vapid to OMAT / TPG and keep this blog for adults.

  12. I don’t think it’s stupid. Not long ago I bought a small item as a sentimental gift for my sister. The TSA geniuses, out to save the world from chocolate, decided it was a “paste” and could not fly. I was unwilling to check my carry on, which had items of value in it. Now I’m thinking I could have just gone back and checked the chocolate as luggage. As long as TSA is playing “gotcha” security theatre games, there will be times this ciuld come in handy. I’m guessing this is precisely the motive of the guy with the beer.

  13. Pranks like this will, eventually, effect everyone. Even though, it cost nothing to him, there is a cost to airline for handling every checked item (small or big). Additionally, he is going to file a claim and waist (yes waist) more resource (airline and other…). The cost will make its way to consumers… us.

    This was funny/interesting ones, but now it’s may get out of hand as every idiot will try to see how far they can go and make profit.

    We should not be encouraging this.

  14. @DaveS
    No. The guy with the beer is flying australian. There’s no stupid TSA power ranger in land down under….

  15. Please don’t give a platform to idiots like this. These articles contribute nothing to your readers and encourage morons to engage in this type of behavior. If there is no travel news then don’t make a posting instead of writing about this nonsense.

  16. I think Gary posted this for the entertainment value of the comments it would generate from humorous people and from those who have nothing more important to do that nit pick. He was successful in this endeavor. Interesting what people have to do to get a life.

  17. @Mallthus, @DaveS, @Gary Steiger – all +1

    Hahaha, I enjoyed this and even showed it to my Spouse. Good laugh of the day, and practical too in case an important item is disallowed in carry-on baggage by TSA.

  18. I hope someone used his toothbrush from his other checked bag to clean a toilet or a floor.

  19. Gary, don’t listen to the dinosaurs. This article made me laugh. Not everything has to be serious and/or negative. Keep it up. More ridiculousness!

  20. For what it’s worth the check-in agents and baggage staff found it hysterical. They were as curious as I was to see if it would make it

    Also, lighten up. You gotta have have some fun every now and then.

  21. This is a total BS article. No airline is going to accept a deodorant stick or a can of beer as checked luggage. Whoever told you this is full of .

  22. A few years ago in PHL, I had to check two small cans of haggis I bought at Heathrow airport. The TSA wouldn’t let them through since is sounded like there was liquid in the SEALED cans… **eyeroll**
    I didn’t want to just give them up, so I got US Airways to check them. Arrived without incident at destination.

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