Free Money and Free Miles from Softcard

Softcard is the former Isis Mobile Wallet, renamed because they had a little bit of a branding problem. Via an app it lets you use your mobile phone for tap to pay transactions at retail merchants. And they want you to adopt their system in an increasingly competitive space, such as against Google Wallet and Apple Pay. So there are plenty of Softcard bonuses out there, and you can take advantage of each and every one of them if you have the requisite cards to link (which many readers will have).

Here are the current Softcard Bonuses!

Through December 31 Softcard will give you a $10 Amazon gift card for every 5 times you use it on a single credit card. You can do this 3 times with 3 credit cards for $30.

    softcard bonuses

Through December 31 Softcard will give you $1 back on every purchase of $1 or more made with your linked American Express Serve card, up to $50 per month.

    softcard bonuses

Through February 28, Softcard will give you 2500 miles for linking a United co-brand credit card from Chase and making one purchase and will then give you 500 miles a month each month you make a transaction with the card.

    softcard bonuses

Sign up and stack the Softcard bonuses!

There have been plenty of good ($20 – $25) signup bonuses for Isis Softcard as well.

The nice thing is that all of these Softcard bonuses stack, you can earn them all, and there may be even more Softcard bonuses coming down the pike because they’re up against such stiff competition and excitement over Apple’s new plaform.

At this point there’s probably ~ $150 in rebates and 4000 miles in Softcard bonuses to pick up via the tap to pay function on your phone!

(HT: Dan’s Deals for the concise explanation of Softcard bonuses.)

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  1. I assume stacking also means that it will count the purchases made from the United card (to count towards the pay 5 times)?

  2. Gary: You’ve got a typo. It should read: -Offer limited to 5 participating credit cards per Softcard account not “3 credit cards” as you indicated.

  3. 4000 miles per card. I have 3 United MP cards, so does the wife.
    12,000 miles per person doesn’t sound bad…

    wait – Android only? No iPhone app – seriously?!

  4. just got in on the last big Amazon giveaway with five cards. (Amex Plat, old Amex Blue, United MP, Chase Free, and Chase Sapph)

    excited for the deals to keep coming.

    in my area, Staples, Walgreens, Panera are easiest to grab with NFC terminals.

    Subways and vending machines can have NFC terminals as well.

    CVS and Rite Aids have turned theirs off because of this CurrentC payment crap.

    Apple now has Apple Pay for NFC but no Softcard.

    Need an enhanced SIM, certain Android phones, factory (usually) battery or aftermarket NFC battery.

    Plenty of info out there on the interwebs.

    And very importantly, if you get Serve through it, your monthly limits go up!

  5. @ Gary: you can earn the bonus 3x per card on 5 cards (5x3x5 = total of 75 transactions = $150 gc’s)

  6. @Hmmmm:

    iPhones haven’t had NFC until very, very recently, so since they’re so late to the game, it doesn’t look like anybody supports it yet except the built-in Apple NFC payment app. Actually, knowing the way Apple likes to lock things down, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s impossible for third party apps to implement their own NFC payment system on iOS devices in the first place.

  7. If you haven’t created your Softcard account please consider being referred by me, by sending your First and Last Name and email id to
    We’ll both get $10 in Amazon gift cards.

    Thanks and appreciate it helping a graduate student.

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