Free Virgin Atlantic Silver Status: Get Better Service on Delta

When Delta acquired a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic, lots of change was expected — such as reciprocal lounge benefits, and reciprocal mileage earn and burn.

Not a whole lot has been implemented yet, but Virgin has a page dedicated to the changes (HT: Head for Points).

Virgin Atlantic’s silver status isn’t the most rewarding, but it will provide some priority benefits when flying Delta in the very near future.

And though I don’t expect this offer to last, you can sign up for Virgin Atlantic’s program at the silver level.

Generally this should provide priority airport services, and I have to imagine that Delta will wind up waiving checked baggage fees for Virgin silvers.

Of course this will usually require entering your Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer number into your reservation. I suppose my strategy — assuming I didn’t want to collect Virgin miles — would be to leave the number in the reservation until check-in (and until bags are checked, if applicable) and then have the number changed to the frequent flyer account I preferred to accumulate miles with such as Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan.

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  1. […] Free Virgin Atlantic Silver Status: Virgin Atlantic is currently offering free Silver status when signing up for a new Flying Club account or registering for this offer here. To register, just enter your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club number in the box, and you should see the new status reflected almost instantly. If you don’t presently have an account, you can sign-up and you’ll receive the status once you join. Flying Club Silver perks include: Premium Check-In, 50% Bonus Miles, Priority Wait-list On Full Flights, Status Renewal Bonus, and a complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold Membership. However, with the new Delta and Virgin Atlantic partnership, you may be able to leverage this status when flying Delta at some point, so it can’t hurt to sign-up even if you have no plans to fly Virgin Atlantic anytime soon. There have been reports that this deal has ended, but it can’t hurt to try. Hat tip: View From The Wing […]


  1. To add to my earlier point – if you want this to stick, I would consider changing your VS address to a UK one. No one who genuinely qualifies for this match would have a non-UK address.

  2. Thank you for the tip… I am flying Delta next week, can I change my FF# on my reservation to Virgin’s now and should Delta waive baggage fees ?? THANKS !!

  3. FYI Just booked a Delta ticket.Virgin Atlantic was not in the drop down box but VIRGIN AUSTRALIA was.

  4. Tried friday evening using the “at the silver level” link – no luck. hoped for delayed update – just checked this morning (monday), and still Red. anyone with thoughts on a fix?

  5. Was this not a legit offer? I was about to apply for their AmEx card to start earning tier points. Glad I first logged on to learn I was back at Red. (Couldn’t they have sent us an email?) I’ll save the credit pull for another card.

  6. I called Virgin Atlantic and they told me this was a scam and they had to reverse all the submissions to the red level. Sad since I committed to the amex credit card thinking I was silver level!!!

  7. How can Virgin Atlantic call it a scam unless it was a third party offer? What they cleverly did was get information from many, many people and pulled their offer of Silver Status. I was also degraded to Red after verifying that I indeed had Silver Status. Was it a clever ploy on their part ?? Who knows?

  8. Has anyone had any luck getting them to reverse their decision? Seeing Silver status there for a day or so, then seeing it reverted back to Red, was quite disappointing. I was actually going to use this quite a bit in the next few months.

  9. Everyone needs to understand that just about everyone who got silver status here was not eligible to get the status. Virgin didn’t put out a promotion where people could just sign up for free silver membership. As mentioned at various points, this was for a promotion run in the UK for members of a business group and was never intended for anyone beyond this group. There is no point complaining that you don’t have status because you weren’t entitled in the first place.

    No one is getting their status reinstated or changed back. If you want VS silver status, get 15 tier points. Simple as that.

  10. Just noticed my has gone back to Red from Silver…Contacted Flying Club support, and got an email stating that this “promotion” that they ran was only for ‘Founders’ corporate? and the codes were leaked online, therefore they had to revert it back to Red. Sucks!

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