Frequent Flyer Lonely Hearts, Celebrating Travel for the Holidays

Two blog readers in a long-term relationship are on a break from each other. One wrote a poem to the other for the holidays, and decided to share it.

I don’t know much about the relationship, other than that I met the person who wrote the poem at a frequent flyer seminar event two years ago just before the couple traveled to Asia in Cathay Pacific first class on points.

In whatever direction things take, I hope they both find their hearts in their love of travel and adventure.

My best to them, and to all of my readers out there, my best to you!

Christmas is a time for giving, and reflecting on the year we’ve had
Which as you know, started off quite well, but has ended fairly sad.
You see, it feels so alien, that we’re no longer as one
But the hope that we could be again, is what keeps me holding on.

As I stroll down memory lane, let me take you along for the ride;
Firstly, what made the walk so special was that you were by my side.
We had so many great times and we always did things in style
And there’s only you with whom I like to accumulate frequent flier miles!

You didn’t get to AA Executive Platinum status without putting in the flights
But we’re a long way from our days with United, who couldn’t quite get things right.
Then there was our first foray with Delta, flying JFK-Tokyo-Hong Kong
We must have used a few million miles, but the passion for travel is still burning strong!

Even the most ardent traveler needs a place to rest his weary head
And we always found Hyatt and Marriott were fabulous spots to find a bed.
Do you remember my first trip to Connecticut when we stayed at Wentworth by the Sea
And as it snowed we chilled our beers outside, and they tasted as crisp as crisp can be.

Which leads me onto our restaurants, as we each enjoy a tasty plate;
Starting off with TGI Friday, where as you recall, we had our first date!
Then there is Maggiano’s where I first introduced you to Rigatoni D
Specifically when you flew in from London to Nashville, especially to see me!

We’ve also made memories in Chilis and in J.Alexander’s too
And I loved visiting the Cracker Barrell after visiting the lake with you.
I can almost taste those blueberry pancakes, and once the breakfast came to a stop
We’d stock up on sticks and gummy bears from their handy country shop.

The final experience that showed me who you really are
Was seeing you with Chaos- that really raised the bar.
I’ve included a treat for him because he also plays his part
And he is the only guy I’m happy to share a space with in your heart!

We were made for each other, we’re such similar souls
I wish that we could reunite, and I’m prepared to set goals.
We could work side by side and accomplish things as a team
Perhaps sync our lives with the fitbit, using it as inspiration for OUR dreams!

So as YOUR gift for the holidays, each branch of this tree
Holds a gift card for a memory shared between you and me.
For the present, the Haribo tells you that I still think you’re really sweet.
Then the fitbit represents our future and setting the goals we wish to complete!

I would travel to the ends of the universe with you to make more memories together
Because what we’ve had for the last six years, I want to feel forever.
I hope you know how much I am thinking of you even though we are apart
And when you are ready, you are free to come and collect your final gift; my heart.

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  1. Rather than poetry to win her back, he should read The Game. Oh, and try some better restaurants.

  2. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s Christmas parade here, but how about instead of eating at such unholy bad restaurants and spending all their time flying they just live together like normal people? Not rocket science after 6 years.

    Anyway hopefully they (and everyone else) find success in 2014, however they define it – thanks again to Gary for the great blog.

  3. @bode – Of course, because you know what’s best for their relationship, right?

    It seems to me that “normal people” in the West have the very least success with long-term romantic relationships these days.

    So, with all due respect, how about you go back to your normal life, with your normal job and normal family, and keep your normal advice to yourself?

  4. This poem is beautifully written and I can only hope that the person it was written for wakes up and realizes that this person is truly in love with them. The writer of the poem is obviously revealing a deep emotional side of them and I can’t imagine why anyone would not appreciate the love and passion that is seen in this poem. It reminds us that love is found in the small details of grand gestures and that to have those feelings of love go unrequited can fill the soul with a sweeping intense feeling of being alone in the world. So to the commenters who have criticized the writer for choosing chain restaurants and travelling too much, shame on you. Have we not all been in love once? The small details that once brought this couple together are not something to be ridiculed but should be cherished by the two of the two of them. Maybe we all don’t have these same experiences but we all have had the same feelings of love found and love lost at some point in our lives. Find bliss young poet.

  5. Nothing beats first class on Cathay Pacific, so who wouldn’t want to always travel like that. On our Hong Kong flight I even felt a little sorry for the business class passengers, but wandering back to the sardine can seats really showed the scowling depressed people.
    But, how does one manage to get that luxury every time?

  6. However bad the poetry, let’s hope for the best for both parties!

    I am at the Marriott Gateway in Atlanta, enjoying their “Christmas Gift” bag for Elites which includes snacks and a 375 ml bottle of wine. The wine is nicely dulling the night before a flight out after using SkyPesos to spend some days visiting a relative whose health is in rapid decline.

    Let’s all try to find whatever joys we can, and not rain on someone else’s parade. Is that the wine talking or me?

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  7. Merry Christmas to you Gary! As for the poem, it was sweet from the poet’s part but I’m more of a pragmatic type of guy. If they’ve been going out for 6 years, I’d imagine the girl was probably waiting for a ring on her finger. I know I don’t know them but that’s what I would presume. Either way, I hope both parties will enjoy the holiday season regardless. Even if she doesn’t collect her final gift, I hope he will move on and find someone who will want to be with him.

  8. Geez some of you are mean! Who cares how the poetry is written, in the holiday spirit; it’s the thought that counts.

  9. Who determined that this long-term relationship was between a man and a woman? This type of situation could happen to anyone who falls in unrequited love.

  10. @chris I agree completely! There might be a time to show one’s wittiness through snarky comments but doing it on this post just seems plain cold-hearted and mean-spirited! C’mon man!!!

  11. Beautifully written, thoughtful poem. A lot of time and effort to make something unique for someone you love. I hope everything works out.

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