Gavin Newsom Recalled – In Delta Air Lines Atlanta Airport Announcement

In a prank, someone asked for Delta Air Lines help in recalling Newsom to gate A25 at the Atlanta airport. Delta paged “Recall Newsom.”

On September 14, California will simultaneously vote on whether to remove Governor Gavin Newsom from office and – if that happens – whom should replace him. While this is one of the most heavily Democratic states in the country, and the governor one of its more popular politicians in recent times, the pandemic has worn down the patience of many and his shut down orders frustrated them.

Things really spilled over when he was photographed not following his own orders at a super-luxe dinner at The French Laundry, but he’s hardly alone among politicians (the Mayor of Denver instructed citizens to stay home from a United boarding gate at the airport while the Mayor of Austin did so from a timeshare in Cabo).

Rules for the recall are a bit odd, in that if a majority removes the Governor whomever replaces him only needs a plurality of support no matter how low. Arnold Schwarzenegger became California governor through this process 18 years ago. There are 46 candidates seeking to replace Newsom.

He could be removed 51-49, and then replaced with someone earning just a few percent of votes. (Newsom could be removed even with by far the most votes!) Newsom does have a very slight lead in most polling.

This Atlanta airport prank surely won’t influence the outcome, but falls squarely in the tradition of great Simpsons calls to Moe’s Tavern:

Perhaps the best political prank announcement came last fall in the Montana governor’s race when Chris Christie was called on to do a ‘cameo’ video asking Greg Gianforte to come home to New Jersey. It didn’t work and Gianforte is now governor.

(HT: The Gate)

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  1. Republicans: “Boy, Democrats sure are a bunch of easily triggered cowards who just want to waste our tax dollars!!”.

    Also republicans: *sees a legitimately elected democratic governor* *Breaks into sweat and starts weeping and screaming while tears rush down their face* “I’m gonna spend so much money attempting to get this guy recalled because I’m a sad easily triggered coward.”


  2. Ah yes, Recalling Newsom will be a great start to the demise of the Biden regime. After we recall him, we will crush the democrats in the midterms and then kick out the illegitimate “president” in 2024 – assuming he isn’t dead by then, or in a rest home with drool running down his chin.

  3. You can’t miss the hesitation in the Delta agent’s voice as they pronounced the name. I’m sure they had no idea what flight was at A25.

  4. California has an historic opportunity to elect its first Black governor, Larry Elder. What an incredible opportunity for an individual who grew up in South Central LA to break through the racial barrier of white governmental control to represent the great state of California. If you support racial justice, you should support recalling Newsome!

  5. Just using the rules as written Ryan
    Don’t like the rules
    Change them
    In the meantime, stop crying like a little baby
    I see DL pulled the trigger for you

  6. I’m a registered Democrat in California, but even I don’t want this to be totally a one-party state. We need checks and balances.

    Thank you Delta for your help toward that end! lol…

  7. Look closely at the monitor to see where the flight from gate A25 was departing to… it was Sacramento.

  8. Every Trump racist will vote for recall. I’m sure of that. Larry Elder is a right wing racist Trump supporter and Jerry above most likely is a racist Republican using race which is dispicable coming from him

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